Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Jelly Stone Park Guadalupe River Resort and Camp

 We love the Texas Hill Country and recently took a trip down there, to the Kerrville area.  We stayed at the Jelly Stone Park Guadalupe River, our second time there in fact.  The last time we visited this fun resort was in 2019.

The temperature was a 103 degrees (which is rather hot for even south Texas in early June).  We had our choices of six water features (one was an indoor pool) to cool off in.  I have to tell you though, even the pool side is too hot to be at when it is that warm out.

Miss Clementine entered a canon ball competition.  She didn't win, but had fun trying!

This resort sits along the Guadalupe River.  It's a beautiful piece of property filled with walking paths, hanging swings, and ancient Bald Cypress trees.  

The best way to sum up the activities at this resort is that it is somewhat like the way activities on a cruise ship are set up.  Each day, every day, all day long, there are a list of activities for children and families to participate in.  Most are free, some cost a little bit extra. 

One evening, there was glow stick tag for children.  The next night, there was glow stick volleyball for the teens.  Another day, there was three-legged races.  David and I attempted that.  Ha ha!  Boy are we old!

We loved visiting the ice cream shop in the resort, and the rec hall was a great place to cool off.  

Some of the activities that Miss Clementine participated in where the tie dye shirt day.

There was a sun visor painting day.

You could catch a movie at the rec hall on movie night.  There was also glitter tattoo night that all the girls enjoyed.  

And s'mores down by the river was a hit with the kids.  Miss Clementine made a few new friends and hopes that they'll be pen pals.

Stan the man did have fun even though I did not get many photos of him.  Teens.  He is taking (3) online classes this summer, working toward early high school graduation.  He was able to work from the camper on his classes and still swim, play volleyball and basketball, and sign up for laser tag.

The diesel was $$$$.  We had booked this trip late last fall and had no plans to cancel.  With the destruction of the economy and how the current policies have affected the fuel industry, we ended up canceling 3 out of 7 nights this past spring.  I canceled the remaining 4 nights and rebooked them under a sale price that came through.  There was a small cancellation fee, but the savings was worth it!

We are grateful that we had this opportunity, that the trip was a safe one, and that the kids made wonderful memories.  

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  1. I miss your blog. It cheered me to think of your family living the faith in somewhere Texas. We need all the encouragement we can get these days.


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