Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Caprock Canyons State Park RV Trip 2021

 This magnificent canyon has been on my bucket list for a very LONG time, and we were able to finally go last week.  I hated coming home because of the incredible nature that we were surrounded by.  One cannot doubt the existence of God when you see the beauty unfolding before your eyes.

The tiny, little town of Quitaque, Texas, just outside of the canyon, was filled with some of the most eye-catching murals painted on the sides of the very old buildings.  I made my husband stop so I could take a picture of some of them.

Then it was on to the state park.

We had a fantastic site, up front and near the canyon rim.  We were delighted to find that a family of prairie dogs had created a home right by our site.  But what was the most amazing of all, was the gorgeous bison that freely roamed the park, and walked within 30 yards of our camper!!

Speaking of bison, my themed drink for this trip was called, Baby Bison.  It couldn't have more any more fitting! (And it is delicious!)

We saw road runners, mule deer, and coyotes well.  And boy was it hot out there on the first day.  The temps were in the 90's, so we looked forward to the cold front that move in overnight.  And wow! The view of the Milky Way in the dark sky area will render anyone speechless! 

We woke up to a beautiful day on day 2.  We postponed breakfast and headed out onto the trails before the day heated up.

In the truck driving further into the canyon, we came across this herd of cows and baby bison.  They are something to see!  Amazing creatures!  (As long as you don't approach them, trying to stay 50 yards away outside of a vehicle, they won't hurt you.)

Texas is sooooo huge and BEAUTIFUL!

Those are dung beetles and some kind of Texas-sized millipede.

And yes, we even had some schooling to work on.  The classroom had the most fantastic view ever though, if I don't mind saying so. :)

The rains came in on the evening of the second day.  It rained and rained for the remaining part of the trip.  But in between the storms, we got in one more short hike and a trip into the little town for some ice cream.  

Oh my gosh!  This was such an incredible adventure and we came home so refreshed.  I love this state.  I love traveling and exploring it because there's so much to see and do.  Since we purchased this new travel trailer in April, we have put on 3,000 miles!  We are grateful for the opportunities and the safe travels.

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