Friday, September 10, 2021

A New Chapter in the Lives of These Girls!

Daughter #2 and Daughter #3, whom we are so proud of!

Emma is an EMT, a first responder.  Beside working on an ambulance, she volunteers at a fire department out in the country.  She recently graduated from Fire Academy and is currently working her way through the (very tough) application process.  On top of the new certification behind her name, she moved out on her own.  We are so excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her life!  God bless all first responders!

Maria is planning on becoming a first responder as well.  She is attending the local college where she is studying fire science.  She is currently juggling school and her job as a life guard and swim instructor for a local school district.  Maria turns 18 in less than a week, and we are very proud of her as well!  We look forward to seeing what God has planned in her future.

Don't be afraid to encourage your kids to think outside the box!  You'll be amazed at the opportunities that are out there for them.


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