Thursday, April 22, 2021

Our New Jayco RV

 So we did a thing over Easter weekend...


We had put 9,000 miles on our Keystone Springdale in 26 months, traveling to all 7 regions of Texas!  We traveled more than 4,000 miles during Covid.  

(Keystone Springdale 26BH)

We have known since last summer that we would be upgrading and had been seriously looking for a few months.  Covid made it prime time to sell it since so many folks are  rving now.  With RV's flying off the lots at record speed, you could find a floor plan you liked online, but good luck finding it on a lot.

On Holy Saturday while we were away camping, we took a drive to a dealer near Waco and found this beauty!   We left in the morning after breakfast and told the kids we were just looking.  There was no expectation of purchasing one that day.  

We knew that we would be able to get quite a bit of money for our Keystone Springdale but still inquired about a trade in at the dealership.  (We were two hours from home and were trying to figure out how to juggle both campers.)

The trade in offer we received was ridiculous.  We agreed to have them haul the new one up to us for a small fee.  

The RV market is INSANE!  My husband listed the Keystone on Easter Sunday night and had it sold two days later, getting $500 more than what we paid for it two years ago!!  That's crazy, but we were relieved. 

Saying good-bye to the Springdale as the new owner pulls her out of storage

And welcoming our new baby home the day they delivered her to us

This past Sunday, David and I took her out overnight for a dry run before her maiden voyage in a few weeks.

She has three slide outs, an outdoor kitchen, and is 39' long!

David does an AWESOME job pulling this beauty!

I'm contemplating creating a new blog just for our RV traveling adventures.  We have so many fun plans set for the summer and can hardly wait to put them on the blog!

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