Sunday, February 21, 2021

Arctic Storm in Texas 2021

 I wrote about the beginning of the storm starting with that horrific 150 vehicle pile up in Fort Worth. It has been a deadly week for the state of Texas.

By Feb. 16, we woke up to extreme temps and a phone call from our daughter who was without power down at school.  It had been over 24 hours without power and water for her.

My husband and daughter Emma drove 316 miles to pick Sarah up and return safely to home. 

We hunkered down, held our breaths, and prayed that the power wouldn't go out for us.  It never went out. We later found out it was because we shared the same grid as the nearby fire station.  

There was nowhere to go since the roads were snowed and/or iced over.  We have NO plow trucks or salt trucks.  We are at the mercy of warm temps and sunshine. 

By Thursday morning we had received another 6" of snow, the temps were in the upper 20's, and I had Emma drive me in her jeep to a grocery store about one mile away.  I heard it had just reopened after being closed due to power loss.

See those roads in the picture above?  Those are four lane roads!  They have since melted but remember, we have no plows, no salt trucks.  

When we arrived at the store, all refrigerated produce, dairy, meat, and all frozen foods had perished when the power went out.  It was sickening to see and quite unsettling as you can imagine. We found enough pantry items to help us get through a couple of days.

The temps have continued to steadily climb, making their way back up to normal, the sunshine has been bright, and driving around today  feels so surreal.  It's hard to believe that we have just lived through hell freezing over. This has been a horrific storm.  With over 4 million folks losing power, pipes froze and burst. And yes! People let the faucets drip steadily and opened cabinet doors.  Many of our friends have busted water pipes and damaged homes.   I'm afraid it is going to be a long recovery for so many folks down here.  Please continue to pray for them.  

As of today, the death count is up to 58.  

58  people have died from the weather in Texas, many frozen in their own homes.  It's heart breaking, tragic, and this should never have happened. 

May God bless Texas and may her recovery come quickly.

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