Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Allhallowtide Photo Dump 2020

 Hallow means holy.  All Hallows' Eve, All Hallows' Day and All Souls' Day are collectively called, Allhollowtide.  This is the time for honoring the saints and praying for all departed souls.  

Our week started out with Miss Mabel's friend flying in for a visit.  Her father was traveling for business and let her tag along.  We had so much fun even though the weather was rainy and cold while she was here.  

The girls went shopping, baked cookies, and we all carved pumpkins.  I think they all turned out great!

We had a fun time feasting this Halloween.  There were halloween-themed donuts for breakfast, ghost cheese sticks and mummy dogs for lunch, jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner, and Stan the man took the cute spider crackers as an appetizer to a party.

Fear is what can't be trusted! ~ Elsa

Our subdivision did a FANTASTIC and CREATIVE job helping the children celebrate Halloween!  There were some really genius ideas when it came to candy shoots.  I think the candy shoots should be an annual thing!

Our annual All Saints Day celebration took place.  We ran into so many friendly saints and the weather was glorious for the event. 

Can you guess?? (Hint: patron saint of musicians) 

I love the all saints party.  We usually use what we have lying around the house to be creative.  The crown was from last year's saint costume.  The wig was from her Elsa costume.  The play cape is years old!  The church dress is small, but she squeezed into it.  The harp is years old as well.

I also purchased this new book for our collection. It's a good one!

Next up was All Souls Day.  Our homeschool group always makes a trip to the local cemetery to pray for the deceased. 

It's part of the Spiritual Works of Mercy that our Catholic faith teaches based on the Bible and Sacred Tradition. 

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

We ended the activities with Stan's special day.  November 3 is the day he officially became a member of our family.  It is also the feast of St. Martin de Porres, Stan's Confirmation saint.  St. Martin's parents were not married and his father abandoned him.  He went on to do great things out of love, kindness, humility, and forgiveness. November is also National Adoption Awareness month.  The timing of these special events were not by our doing but only by God's handiwork.  I will always be unapologetically pro life. 

I went to Adoration yesterday at the parish called St. Martin de Porres :) It was balm for the soul.  

And with that, I look forward to taking a break from blogging.  We are preparing for a wonderful family gathering for Thanksgiving. There is planning and prepping to be done, and I want to enjoy every bit of these November days leading up to that day of thanksgiving. 

God bless you and your family wherever you are!


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