Monday, October 12, 2020

Hallway and Dining Room Facelift

I started another house project.  It's a big one but very therapeutic!  I'm painting all of the trim and the doors in the house, hoping to be finished by next fall (for the wedding).  LOL

When I get to an area that has been an issue in the decor department, I tell myself I'd stop and address the issue before moving on with my painting.  When I look at all the things on my to do list or want to do list, it can be very overwhelming.  Now I'm taking little bites, as my friend encouraged.

I never had a true before picture of the piano wall (foyer area) so I pieced a couple together.

Before ~

After ~

Gosh!  I'm so pleased with the new look! 

Plant stand and print above piano is from Hobby Lobby. Plant holder is from TJMax. Everything else, I already had.

Across from the piano is the dining room area.  The one wall has ALWAYS had me stumped on what to do with it because of the size and I don't like clutter.

Before ~

The other side of the table...

After ~  (thanks to my daughter Sarah and some brainstorming on social media)

It looks like an entirely different room now, a COMPLETE room.  I love it!

The framed prints and the Eat sign are from Hobby Lobby.

I am moving on now into the kitchen and living room.  One room at a time, coupled with lots of prayers,  is making this project actually enjoyable and peaceful.

~ Patty ~


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  1. "Chipping away..." that's what I call it - and honestly, when we do projects it's the only way I can, just chip away at it, bit by bit. Right now we are redoing the playroom (bit by bit) :) Keep going... you'll get there!!


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