Saturday, July 25, 2020

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary - July 21, 2020

Our original party plans were scrapped because of everything going on with Covid but we didn't let it beat us.  We tweaked our plans and still created a festive atmosphere for our very special anniversary.

We have been attending a different parish in a different diocese since the beginning of May.  We've come to know and appreciate the young priest who is the pastor at this parish.  After Mass last weekend, he gave us a beautiful blessing to celebrate our anniversary.  What a wonderful way to begin the celebrating! 

The next evening, we had our own family party with cake and champagne to celebrate.  I had transferred our original VHS tape of our wedding and reception to a DVD.  (I'm so glad I did because the VHS tape was beginning to deteriorate.). The kids thought that was so neat to see!  We haven't owned a VHS player in forEVER so they either had not seen it previously or didn't remember it.

Our actual anniversary was on Tuesday.  We had made reservations a few weeks ago at one of our favorite (and fanciest) restaurants.  After dinner, our daughter Sarah took a bunch of photos of us and they turned out so awesome!

I can hardly wait to go through the (couple dozen) photos!  My plan is to pick my favorite and have it enlarged to hang up in our bedroom. 

We plan to take an anniversary trip in the fall :)

There is no one else in the world that I would take this journey with then my beloved.  Feeling blessed and incredibly grateful...



  1. Wedding Anniversaries are the very best, aren't they? Congratulations on your 25th! We celebrate our 24th this week! Lovely pictures and a grand celebration you had!

  2. Happy Anniversary and Congrats! God Bless.


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