Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Covid-19 Photo Dump - April/May 2020

For posterity sake...

David made our face masks for when a store or private entity requested them to be worn.  (In Texas, the governor did not make wearing face masks mandatory.) 

We celebrated the feast of St. Catherine of Sienna by making these adorable sunflower cupcakes again.

There was the feast of The Good Shepherd with our traditional lamb cake.  (I think he turned out rather cute this year!)

On May 4, a Catholic church not far from our house (in the Fort Worth Diocese) made simple yet reasonable changes to allow the Sacrament of Reconciliation and public indoor Masses to take place.  It was and continues to be a surreal experience going to Mass and receiving the Blessed Sacrament.  I pray fervently for all of those who are living in oppressive states.

The school year came to a staggered close for these three gals.  Miss Clementine finished 2nd grade.  Miss Mabel finished junior year in high school.  Miss Sarah successfully finished junior year of nursing school at home (which was a really tough accomplishment)!

The pool that the Easter bunny left has been thoroughly enjoyed since April!  And we have taken beautiful night time walks and watched thunderstorms in the distance. 

Our simplified Marian garden this year :)

We watched the Blue Angels fly directly overhead (that was just so incredible)!  Mother's Day was a busy one this year since we packed up the camper to head to the COAST!  We are so blessed to have a governor that has been safely opening up the great state of TX since May 1. 

Stan the Man had his last day of 8th grade and the awesome teachers and staff members at his junior high put on a 8th grade send-off parade.  They lined up and cheered the 8th graders on as we drove through the line.  What a special night!

The hair salons opened and it felt so great to be pampered!!!  Earlier in the country's shut down, I told my girls how thankful we should be for 1) not having bangs and 2) not having highlights!  LOL!!

And while on our trip to the coast, Miss Emma finished up her first year of college. 

Easter 2020 / Covid-19 Photo Dump


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