Monday, March 30, 2020

Pre Quarantine Daybook Post 2020

Outside my window ~

We had been experiencing a warm early March.  We even started hanging flower baskets and planting a few pots!   Miss Mabel was certified as a lifeguard and was sure excited to have that under her belt.

I am thankful for ~

* A wonderful visit with my mom up in Illinois

 Miss Emma, Miss Clementine, and I made a very fast road trip at the end of Feb/ beginning of March.  We really enjoyed seeing my mom and family that live up there.  A highlight was meeting the first great-grandchild!

* Just before the quarantine took place, we had a couple of young families over on a Friday night to eat soup and pray the Stations of the Cross together.  It was such a special night.  We had hoped to do this again during Lent but had no clue how all of our lives would turn upside a week later.

From the school room ~

Stan the Man had been doing fantastic in track!  It was his first year in the sport, and he was running the mile in  AMAZING time.  Unfortunately, he only got two meets in before all heck broke loose with this pandemic.

From the kitchen ~

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year seemed so strange.

For the feast of St. Joseph, we listened to the Glory Stories DVD on St. Joseph.

What I am reading ~

This book is incredible!  Honest.  Frightening.  Hope-filled.  I highly recommend it.

Around the house ~

My sister Jane and her son came for a visit the weekend the country started shutting down.  We had this visit planned since last fall.  My nephew and Stan the Man are the same age and are good buddies. 

We introduced them to Buc'ees, Whataburger, priests that wear cowboy boots, and ushers that carry.  ;) The boys played sand volleyball with my older girls and their friends as well as mud football (boy did it rain the weekend they were here!).  We took my nephew to the Sixth Floor Museum, to see where JFK was assassinated. 

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE air soft.  The highlight for the boys was playing ALL DAY LONG at a local air soft field.  They left at 8am and arrived home around 7:30pm.  Exhausted!

The highlight for the girls was planning a wedding dress shopping trip for Sarah!

I started with a brunch before we headed out that Friday morning.

My sister is Sarah's godmother, so it was just wonderful to be able to have her with us on the wedding dress hunt.

The best part was that Sarah said Yes to the Dress!

I am thinking about ~

What a crazy month this has been!  Even though it was just earlier in March, it seems as though Emma and I celebrated our birthdays months ago.  So much has happened in our world, and it seems like we are living in a twilight zone.

I am praying for ~

* those who are sick with this virus
* those who have died and for their loved ones
* those medical personnel and first responders
* those who have lost their jobs or are in fear of losing their jobs
* a medical breakthrough to help fight this virus

What I am listening to ~

David is out in the garage having a cocktail hour with some of his buddies over FaceTime or Zoom.  I can hear him laughing and that sounds so good right now :)

Coming down the pike ~

Prayers upon prayers that this pandemic comes to an end sooner than later.

A last photo to share ~

After 7 1/2 years, I finally decided to put an area rug down in our living room.  This is what I decided on for my birthday.  I'm so pleased with it.  I found it on


Our hearts go out to those who are suffering in communities being affected by COVID-19, this includes businesses that hit close to home for us; small, local and family owned.  It is an uncertain time for us all, but moments like this remind us how lucky we are to have our family.  There is a novena that I've been praying from I encourage you to pray it as well since it brings so much peace in these uncertain times. 

God bless you.


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  1. What a wonderful post Patty -- I'm so glad that this time was filled with so many blessings for you and your family. Happy happy birthday to you and your girl. Congratulations on all of the prewedding planning and dress shopping!
    Hoping your family is safe during this time


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