Thursday, February 27, 2020

Another Beautiful Get-Away In Our Camper

Last Sunday, my sweet hubby pulled the camper for us girls out to one of our favorite lakes, Lake Ray Roberts State Park.  He set up camp and then came back two days later to pick us up.

Our site was surrounded by water on three sides and it was so beautiful.  Day one brought gray clouds and a mist but that didn't deter us from exploring the beach.

February 28 marks our one year purchasing anniversary.  This camper has been one of the best purchasing decisions we have ever made.

This particular trip was our 13th trip in 12 months.  Each excursion has brought peace and joy (except for a few times we needed to work out some kinks in this camper).

On day 2, we woke up to very strong winds which made the lake sound like ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

I've never seen this lake so wild before! 

We did "road school" (I recently heard that term), and went for a couple of hikes before settling in to watch the gorgeous sunset. 

By late afternoon, those crazy, fierce winds died down which meant it would be a quiet night's sleep. :)

Our March has quite a flurry of activity lined up for us, none of which is camping.  We plan to take a couple of days here and there to tweak some things on the camper to make it even more comfortable.  Then we will be set for a trip to the ocean again in April. 

Until our next trip...


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