Friday, January 31, 2020

January Daybook Post With a Birthday Celebration - 2020

Outside my window ~

A couple  Saturdays ago, I witnessed 13 hot air balloons flying over our neighborhood.  I was driving home from running an errand and could see these beauties from the highway.  By the time I pulled into the subdivision, a few went right over our street / backyard.  The most we've seen at once was 5 or 6, never 13.  There is a hot air balloon club south of us in another city.  The southern winds always bring them near our subdivision.

I don't think I'd ever go in one.  Would you?

I am thankful for ~

* this bundle of joy and energy

She turned 8 years old on January 26  and continues to bring joy and laughter to our lives.  This was the year for a party, so she celebrated with some friends at Urban Air Trampoline Park the week before.  They sure had a blast!

Can you believe that Barbie cake came from Target?  It was incredibly moist and super delicious.  The funny thing is that Clementine doesn't really play a lot with Barbie but has had her eye on that cake for over a year.

We celebrated her actual birth date together quietly as a family.  Big sister Sarah came home to surprise her.  It was the first time in three years Sarah was home to help celebrate, and Clementine was so excited. :)

From the school room ~


We recognized St. Agnes. on her feast day.  I found a fun activity packet on this saint over at Real Life at Home.

From the kitchen ~

* Miss Clementine requested homemade chicken soup for her birthday dinner and IBC root beer to wash it all down with.   I'm not sure where the love for IBC root beer comes from??

For dessert, she asked her sister Mabel to bake some homemade brownies served with mint chocolate chip ice cream and asked her future brother-in-law to light her candles since he is a fireman you know. :)

* Just a friendly PSA:  this is THE BEST fajita marinade we have ever used.  It's sooo delicious!  I find mine at Kroger.

What I am reading ~

My word for the year is SIMPLE.  We had a stressful year in the health department the last six months of 2019.  That tension, pressure, anxiety can really put so much strain on a life.  This year, the word SIMPLE popped into mind.

Recently, I was cleaning out a huge collection of books, mostly Catholic books, when I came across this gem.  I love the wisdom of Fulton Sheen!  This book contains daily readings (short, like one paragraph or no more than five paragraphs).  It is something simple I can read that helps flex my spiritual muscle at the same time.

I highly recommend it, especially since this is the second time I'm reading it!

Around the house ~

* It’s the little things!  This Frozen gift wrap was originally $4.99.  I paid only $1.23 for it!

* We have another driver in the house :)

I am thinking about ~

the fact that January is over - Wow.  Just wow.

I am praying for ~

an end to abortion

What I am listening to ~

Clementine is singing up in her room.  I mean really singing, like belting it out, Broadway kind of singing.

Coming down the pike ~

February is going to be another fast one.

* Dental appointments

* Bowling party for our homeschool group to celebrate St. Valentine's Day

* Troops of St. George rock climbing (a fun family event is planned)

* Illinois road trip to visit my mother

* A short camping trip

A final photo to share ~

New camping gear for the camping enthusiast

January has been good to us. For that, I’m so grateful.  We needed a good start to the year. I hope yours wasn’t too bad and that your February is even better.


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