Saturday, December 7, 2019

First Week of Advent 2019

Earlier this week, our Little Flowers group had a little fiesta while studying about and celebrating St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

They made paper flowers and tilmas, feasted on sombrero cookies, and drank Mexican hot cocoa.

It was a fun night! 

The following morning our bishop, Bishop Edward Burns (Dallas Diocese),  invited all the area homeschool families to a special Advent Mass.

It was such a beautiful Mass!  There were bishops, two priests, two deacons, and three seminarians in the sanctuary.   Afterward, we were invited to a light luncheon.  We are so grateful to have a bishop who values the importance of homeschooling.

The next afternoon, we headed out to cut down our first, fresh, family Christmas tree!

I grew up with real trees, but David and I have never had a one as long as we've been married.  He prefers the ease of artificial.  I told him since I turned 50 this year, I was going to have a real tree ;)

He calls me Sparky ;)

In between all of these activities, I started putting up Christmas decorations around the house.  I bet everyone else is done.  I'm having a hard time getting motivated this year.

On the eve of the feast of St. Nicholas, Clementine put a shoe out for each of the kids in the family before going to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head. :)

I love how they tolerate her excitement (and mine)!

(Miss Clementine's on the top right; Stan's on the bottom right)

(Mabel's on the left; Emma's on to the top right; Sarah's on the bottom right)

The older two girls received gas gift cards.  College kids really appreciate the practical things. :)

Our St. Nicholas feast day celebration was put on hold when Mabel ended up in the ER.  Our poor girl! 

For the past week, we were hoping it was just a pulled back muscle until Thursday night when things went from bad to excruciatingly painful. 

The pain and vomiting was out of control so they admitted her to keep her hydrated and comfortable with medication.

We discovered she was the unfortunate owner of two kidney stones (something hereditary they say).  The culprit causing the pain is the one that is stuck near her bladder.  So...

She is home now, with medication and drinking a TON of water to try and flush the one out naturally before going to the urology appointment in two weeks.  (Please keep her in your prayers.)

When we arrived home today, I did some regrouping before we finished celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas by baking gingerbread cookies.

I know that sounds crazy of me, but! I had made the dough on the Thursday afternoon with plans for baking the cookies on Friday.  I sure didn't want the cookie dough to go to waste.

Miss Clementine was excited to use the new St. Nicholas mold that she found in her shoe.  I made an easy icing and Mabel and Clementine helped decorate the cookies once they cooled.  It actually went quite well! 

What a week!

I'm looking at the clock as I type this and realize I really need to be in bed.  Tomorrow will be here fast and it will usher in the second week of Advent.  So, I'm signing off for today.

I pray that your Advent is a fruitful one!



  1. You are Supermom!
    And I am praying for your girl!
    I have heard that kidney stones are excruciatingly painful.
    Steve is actually dealing with the same thing now!
    Have a blessed second week of Advent!

  2. Look all of that advent goodness - especially the *real* tree! Praying for your girl in my early morning prayer times.


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