Tuesday, September 24, 2019

End of September Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

There's plenty of gorgeous sunshine along with tiresome heat and still no rain (by us).

I am thankful for ~

We divided and conquered this past weekend.  A few of us drove down to spend the weekend with Sarah for family weekend at her college.  I canNOT believe that we only have one more family weekend left now before she graduates. 

We saw where she spends most of her waking hours (at the nursing building).  That was exciting for this mama's heart.  Now I can really imagine her inside the hallways, lecture rooms, or simulated hospital emergency room during the day. :)

We attended (and had great seats at) the pre-game rally where Miss Clementine got her (yearly) photo with her favorite cheerleader, Lizzie.  We also ran into the mascot (who Clementine really isn't a fan of - ha ha).  Sarah had us sit with her in the student section to watch another football victory for UMHB.  I think Miss Clementine was dreaming of becoming a future cheerleader :)

Miss Clementine just adores (and misses) her big sister.  She called dibs on Sarah at the hotel.  The girls and I attended Sunday Mass, went out for lunch, and then said our "see you laters" before hitting the road for home.  We miss Sarah and look forward to her next visit home the end of October.

Last weekend David and Stan the Man were on their Troops of St. George canoe trip down the Brazos River.

They canoed, "10 exhaustive, unmitigated, horrific miles" ~ David.  Then they camped on an island overnight.  It was a rough one this year battling 20mph head winds.  Very tough trip.

From the schoolroom ~

Today's homeschool science / PE classes ;)

From the kitchen ~

On the first day of fall, we made pumpkin squares after an afternoon swim.  It didn't make it feel any less like summer though.

Miss Emma is boycotting Texas (the heat) in her own way.  She decided to put on a mock turtleneck on the first day of fall. 

What I am reading ~

Nothing at the moment

I am saving some books for a big road trip to Illinois.

However!  My hubby and I binge-watched every season and episode of Downton Abbey.  I'm going out with friends tomorrow night to see the movie in the theater.

Around the house ~

Since the skies have been so clear lately, David and Miss Clementine have been catching the International Space Station flying overhead.  He uses an app to find out when we will have a viewing in our area.

St. Andrew Kim Taegon's  feast day is September 20.

I recall a dark and rainy, early Palm Sunday morning in Seoul.  Via subway and taxi, David and I found our way to the historical Myeong-dong Cathedral to attend Mass.  St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon, a son of Christian converts who were martyred for their faith, was the first Korean-born Catholic priest.  St. Andrew Kim died a brutal death as well because he spread Christianity in a Confucian Korea.  12-+ men, women, and children were martyred alongside him.

This saint and South Korea holds a special place in our hearts.  St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon, pray for us!

St. Padre Pio's feast day is September 23.

I've had plenty of worries on my mind lately and this saint's phrase has been an easy one to remember during the day.

St. Padre Pio, pray for us!

I am praying for ~

* my mom's health

* the health of my dear friend

* for a special intention

* for an end to abortion

* for those who have abandoned their Catholic faith

I am listening to ~

the hum of the washing machine and dryer

Coming down the pike the rest of September ~

* homeschool party to celebrate the Feast of the Archangels

* a trip back to visit my mom who is ill

A last photo to share ~

I read a sign in an airport wine bar recently that said, Wine is like duct tape, it fixes everything!  LOL

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  1. Patty, your mom -- I was so sorry to read that your mom is ill. I will be praying.


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