Thursday, August 22, 2019

Jamaica Beach, TX 2019 - Part 2

Friends, I started this post back here (Part 1).


The surgeon said I could get into a pool on day 7 post-surgery.

I did just what the doctor ordered ;)

It felt sooo good to cool off because it was sooo hot down there.  I wasn't swimming but just submerging and chilling out.

I was also able to walk around the resort a lot better by Wednesday and was grateful to be able to keep up with this little one. :)

I loved seeing all the bikes parked outside of the pools.  Nothing says island time like palm trees and bicycles. Right?

We had one more fish fry on that Wednesday night.  The black tip shark was blackened in butter and the whiting fish was deep fried.  I'm NOT a fish eater, but I did eat this fish - twice!  Fresh fish out of the ocean tastes so much better than what I have ever had.

And it's pretty cool to be able to watch a movie at night outside your friends' camper!

On our last day there, I got up early to watch David and Stan the man fish.  I was excited to be there to see David reel in a whopper, a 33" Black Drum.  He didn't keep it since they are not good to eat once they are that size.

On our last evening, a couple of the families went out for dinner together.  I love these people!

We bought a couple of Groupons for axe throwing and go kart riding.  Don't worry, I never participated in the axe throwing.  :)   Miss Clementine and I did ride in the go karts.  That was fun!  It was a first time for both of us.

On Friday we headed back for home.

I did not miss the traffic.  At all.

Miss Clementine suggested that we and our friends should move to the island and work from there.  I like her idea! :)

Jamaica Beach Part 1

As my friend said, "Another successful Jamaica Beach trip in the books!"  Here! Here!  Until next time...


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  1. So glad your family has such good friends to share life with!


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