Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Jamaica Beach, TX 2019 - Part 1

On a Tuesday night, at the very end of July, I ended up in the hospital with appendicitis.  And if anyone is ever wondering which of the three is worse: appendix, kidney stone, or child birth, appendicitis is the winner.  Hands down.

I had an appendectomy on the following morning.  I cannot express just how awesome it felt to be rid of the horrific pain when I woke up in recovery.  The surgeon came in afterward and asked if we had plans for that weekend.  I told him we were to leave on vacation.  Since my surgery was performed through laparoscopy (3 small incision instead of a great big one), he said to go!  I was stunned.  We waited until Saturday to see how I would feel.

He told me about not submerging the incisions for a week, not lifting anything over a certain weight for 10 days, staying out of the ocean water, and making sure I took my antibiotic.  On Sunday, all tucked in with a blanket, a pillow to protect my tummy, a book, and my phone (of course), we arrived in Jamaica Beach, TX!

You see, our camper is like a second home.  Everything we need (except for food and clothes) is already inside.  Once we arrive to our destination, set up literally takes David 15 minutes.  My family was so good to me while I rested before we left.  They tolerated my coaching from the sidelines.  ;)

I'm so glad to have been able to go.  I really rested and relaxed.  Thinking back, I told David that I would have been a danger to myself if I would have stayed home.  Think about it.  What mom really recuperates from any big illness when they are suppose to be resting at home? None.

The first couple of days consisted of Popsicles, palm trees, and pools (I was the spectator but enjoyed being forced to slow down and take pleasure in their joy).

There was successful fishing, a fish fry, and a big group breakfast.

We went two other families.  The same friends from last year.  We were happy to know we hadn't scared them off!  Ha ha!

We even got to celebrate the birthday of two friends!

On day 3, I caught a breathtaking sunrise.

Miss Mabel baited, cast, and reeled in her first-ever stingray!  David and his buddy caught numerous sharks.

That Tuesday I was able to start walking a bit more.  It was hard keeping up with this little one!

We went down to the bay side on the other side of the resort and checked out an empty crab trap and ended up catching a sunset. :)

More to come! (Part 2)



  1. Oh Patty - you are right - staying home would have taken longer to recover. I'm so sorry you had to go through that!! Beautiful vacation pictures and memories... can't wait to see more.

  2. Look at you!
    So glad you and your beautiful family were able to have such an awesome time together.
    Hugs and love!


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