Friday, August 2, 2019

End of July Daybook Post 2019

Outside my window ~

Flowers that are at the end of their growing season.  Gosh! Don't they look pathetic??

I am thankful for ~

* My faith, family, and health! 

From the school room ~

Miss Clementine and Miss Mabel's school books have arrived.

From the kitchen / What's for Sunday Dinner?

My teens bust their bums to earn money, especially for school.  Sometimes, they have to work Sundays.  We try to keep Sundays a day of worship, rest, and leisure and this includes intentional Sunday dinners.

This past Sunday, I had everyone home for dinner (the first time in weeks!) and it felt wonderful.

We served BBQ chicken thighs, home made cole slaw, green goddess rice, steamed fresh beans smothered in butter and bacon bits, cantaloupe, with a pan of  cheerio bars for dessert.  It was a delicious Sunday dinner!

What I am reading ~

Getting ready to stock up on some items for an upcoming RV trip.

Around the house ~

There's a flurry of activity starting this week for that upcoming RV trip.  (David said I have to stop calling it camping.  It is NOT camping.) . We are also prepping for the start of a new school year,  and getting in hair appointments and eye exams.

I took Stan and some buddies to Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.  It was one, last hurrah before school starts.  It was such a fun time!

I am thinking about ~

The Tour de Parks was so much fun this summer.  We continue to meet almost once a week, hitting up swimming pools during the dog-days of summer.

I am praying for ~

* the health of a dear friend of mine

* an end to abortion

I am listening to ~

* the poop fan!  Ha ha!  Seriously though.  We have a bidet on the powder room toilet.  I don't mean to gross anyone out, but that toilet is used the most and the fan is always running which DRIVES my husband batty.  Ha ha!   He thinks we are going to ruin the fan, but it's almost 12 years old and still doing fine.

Coming down the pike ~

Home school activities (some fun events)

RV trip

A last photo to share ~

Last week we took advantage of the unseasonably cooler temps and low humidity.  It was GORGEOUS out, especially for a July week down in Texas!

There's a new park nearby that has some amazing features, one being a zip line!  There were kids and parents riding it. :)

***Funny how things turn out.  I had just finished typing this post when I got pretty ill and ended up in the ER with an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday night.  I'm home and doing better (thank God for modern medicine and laparoscopies).  Some of us were suppose to leave on vacation this Saturday.  The surgeon said I should still go. I just cannot submerge my incision in ocean water or pool water for one week.  We will see how I feel.  I am so grateful for great medical care!!***

This has definitely been a year of experiences so far! 



  1. Patty!!!!
    Hope you are on the mend!!!!
    Love Sunday dinners, and getting the school books is the best!

  2. Oh my goodness -- I'm so sorry for your surgery! Praying for quick healing!


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