Monday, July 22, 2019

July Daybook Post - 2019

Outside my window ~

It's that time of the year where the heat down here in Texas starts wearing you out.  The flowers are starting to show their "age", and one can never eat enough ice cream!

I am thankful for ~

My marriage! (All Sacramental marriages)

By the grace of God, we were able to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this past weekend!

From the school room ~

Our homeschool start date is Monday, August 12.

Stan's school start date is Wednesday, August 14.

I ordered the books for Miss Mabel (rising junior) and Miss Clementine (rising second grader).  They should be coming by the end of this week.

Today, Stan the man and I plan to shop for school supplies.


For the Feast of St. Kateri (July 14), we were on the road again in the camper.  It was easy to celebrate this sweet saint with a coloring page from Catholic Icing and a book I already owned.

From the kitchen ~

I have no new recent recipes.  However, I still utilize these monthly menus.  They are critical in my meal planning.  I'm starting my 4th year of them and have kept every single one.  They make meal planning so much easier.

What I am reading ~

I cannot recommend this book enough.  It is a beautiful and comprehensive collection of ways you can create a domestic church (living the liturgy and faith in your own home).  One is NEVER too old to learn something new.  Y'all know how much I love to have a domestic church.  Passing down the faith to my children is toward the top of my list.  It's a great book for: young adults starting out on their own, grandparents, young families, or even parents who have been there, done that.

Around the house ~

David had another bumper crop of cucumbers!  Our sunsets have been spectacular this summer with all the rain we have had.

7 (7 1/2) year old photos * glorious flowers in the garden * Free 7-Eleven slurpees on 7-11 :)

I am thinking about ~

* how much fun Stan had when he flew (solo) up to KC to stay with my sister and her family.  She has a testosterone house!  Ha ha!

He flew Southwest (non-stop, 90 minute flight) from Dallas to KC.  Because of his age, we were able to have gate passes on both ends of the trip.  The only time he was "alone" was in the air.  So it worked out perfectly!  He had a glorious week to spend with his cousin (who is one month younger than Stan the Man).

I am praying for ~

* An end to abortion

* For our country and all of the terribly, misguided young people

What I am listening to ~

* the hum of the air conditioner

* left over spaghetti being reheated on the stove top

* mockingbirds outside my window

Coming down the pike ~

* School prep

* One more beach trip

A few last photos to share ~

After Mass yesterday, David ask our priest if we could receive a blessing since, "...she needs it to survive one more day with me". 

I love his humor :)

The priest got a good laugh out of that and immediately ushered us inside to have a proper anniversary blessing that consisted of getting a good bath with holy water. :)

(Miss Emma secretly took these photos of us.)

Afterward, he and I went out to dinner to and hit up the ice cream churning contest in the area.  You know, July 21 isn't just our anniversary but National Ice Cream Day as well!

It's been a fabulous summer that has been going at warp speed it seems.  We still have a few tricks up our sleeves to get more enjoyment out of the few weeks that remain.  Praying that you are enjoying your summer break with family and friends!



  1. Happy Happy Happy 24th Anniversary. How lucky are you -- I loved that he asked the priest for an anniversary blessing. You are a beautiful couple. And by the way.. I love the gloves you wore on your wedding day.

    Happy summer!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It is true that life speeds up as you get older. Looks like you are having a fantastic summer!


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