Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Camping Storage / Gear I love - Part 3

Our camper has a shower in it.  However, we don't always use it.  Many times we head over to the shower house where the water pressure is preferable (especially to get the sand out of the hair) or when the line to use our camper shower is too long.

Because of this, I like to have shower bags ready for use.

I recently came across these travel bottles on Amazon.  You can twist the cap and turn it to a desired label; lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.

I fill them and put them into a water-proof bag along with a wet hair brush and/or comb.

I just purchased this new Esvan tote on Amazon.  They didn't have a more manly pattern, but this is definitely an improvement over the mermaid bag he was carrying around! Ha ha!

The bag is spacious enough to fit a towel and clean pair of clothes as well as toiletries.

A friend showed me how they hang wet suits or towels inside when it isn't possible to line dry outside.

This is a simple, collapsible drying rack.  I pop it up in the shower stall when we have to bring clothes in overnight.  Since it is collapsible, it's easy to store when it isn't being used.  I found this one at Target.

A new to us item is this window insulator.  Many campers have vented ceiling windows, but those windows allow too much heat in.  We found these window insulators at camping world.  Many folks use these if they have an RV.

It has made a HUGE difference.  We have one in our camper bedroom as well.  When I need to turn the bathroom vent on (like when the shower is in use), the insulated cushion easily comes out with a little tug,  and then I store it in the bathroom.

More camping gear I love here and here, here and here.

While we continue to enjoy the camper, we are always looking for ways to streamline things to make life even easier.  We are getting ready for another road trip soon, and I'm sure there will be something else we think of then.

Until the next camping trip...


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