Friday, July 26, 2019

Celebrating Recent July Feast Days

Some years we try to celebrate the feast days as much as possible, incorporating them into our domestic church.  Then there are years that keep us so hard-pressed in other areas of life that these celebrations can be forgotten.  I've been trying hard to keep the fire burning at home and July was pretty successful (and easy).

After purchasing this...

... I've been inspired to celebrate the following:

Feast of St. Kateri (July 14), coloring page from Catholic icing and pulling out an old book we own

Feast of St. Bridget of Sweden (July 23), Swedish Meatball dinner using this old recipe (just subbing with Swedish meatballs)

Feast of St. Christopher (July 25), pulling out two books we own (one is out of print but can be purchased used on Amazon)

Feast of SS Joachim and Anne (July 26), Mary's parents - I pulled out the peg dolls of St. Anne that we own and this is also a feast day of Miss Clementine.  She was able to choose the dinner for this evening and asked for Easy Cheesy Tortellini Bake.

For the Feast of SS Joachim and Anne, the author suggested inviting grandparents over for dinner.  However, not everyone has grandparents that live nearby.  Instead, the author suggested having the children write a sweet note to the grandparents and stick it into the mail.  That's what we did this year!  The kids each wrote a sweet message to the grandparents on a sheet of paper, and I stuck the notes in the mail.  They should receive them today!

I put these feast day celebrations in my calendar on repeat every year in hopes that they won't disappear from our domestic church again. ;)

All you saints in heaven, pray for us!


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Galveston Island RV Resort 2019

We were going back and forth on what to do for our wedding anniversary.  Getting away was on the forefront of our minds and the ocean was calling our names.  We LOVE the ocean!

Stan the Miss Clementine had to come with us since the older girls all work summer jobs and two have summer classes.  Then Sarah decided to tag along as well which made my mama's heart so happy.  Sarah hasn't gone on a trip with us in two years (two years too long).

Pesky Hurricane Barry developed and was going to affect our trip but we improvised.  We were able to have the resort push our dates back on each end of the reservation and then we spent the first night of the trip near Houston at Huntsville State Park waiting out the storms that blew in from Hurricane Barry.

We ended up having BEAUTIFUL weather for the week!

Stan kicked off the first day of fishing with a whopper, a 28" Red Fish.  He caught it all on his own and we declared him king of the day. :)

I had a lovely view of the pool, lazy river, and plenty of palm trees.

Sarah purchased a fishing license and fished twice a day with her dad.  She'd bait, cast, and hold the fish all on her own.  (Dad was proud ;)

We enjoyed BIG breakfasts and time relaxing in the pool or lazy river.

Sarah, Miss Clementine, and myself went to Pleasure Pier one afternoon.  That was a BIG mistake.  The heat + my 50 year old body + the spinning rides = not a good combo. Ha Ha.

Evening fishing is always peaceful and relaxing.

Miss Clementine enjoys beach combing in the evenings.  We only found one jelly fish that had washed ashore.

My views:

Top - camper kitchen view
Bottom left - Gulf view
Bottom right - Bay view

Sunrise and Sunset views:

The fish were interesting this time.  David caught a Stingray and a Hammerhead Shark!  He released both of those.  (The hammerhead shark was only 25"long.  They have to be 99"long to keep.)

Our vacation train eventually came to an end.  I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to go to the ocean again and to spend quality time with Sarah.

We couldn't think of any better way (for us) to celebrate our anniversary.

We love this area so much that we are heading back down in August!

Until the next time...


Monday, July 22, 2019

July Daybook Post - 2019

Outside my window ~

It's that time of the year where the heat down here in Texas starts wearing you out.  The flowers are starting to show their "age", and one can never eat enough ice cream!

I am thankful for ~

My marriage! (All Sacramental marriages)

By the grace of God, we were able to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this past weekend!

From the school room ~

Our homeschool start date is Monday, August 12.

Stan's school start date is Wednesday, August 14.

I ordered the books for Miss Mabel (rising junior) and Miss Clementine (rising second grader).  They should be coming by the end of this week.

Today, Stan the man and I plan to shop for school supplies.


For the Feast of St. Kateri (July 14), we were on the road again in the camper.  It was easy to celebrate this sweet saint with a coloring page from Catholic Icing and a book I already owned.

From the kitchen ~

I have no new recent recipes.  However, I still utilize these monthly menus.  They are critical in my meal planning.  I'm starting my 4th year of them and have kept every single one.  They make meal planning so much easier.

What I am reading ~

I cannot recommend this book enough.  It is a beautiful and comprehensive collection of ways you can create a domestic church (living the liturgy and faith in your own home).  One is NEVER too old to learn something new.  Y'all know how much I love to have a domestic church.  Passing down the faith to my children is toward the top of my list.  It's a great book for: young adults starting out on their own, grandparents, young families, or even parents who have been there, done that.

Around the house ~

David had another bumper crop of cucumbers!  Our sunsets have been spectacular this summer with all the rain we have had.

7 (7 1/2) year old photos * glorious flowers in the garden * Free 7-Eleven slurpees on 7-11 :)

I am thinking about ~

* how much fun Stan had when he flew (solo) up to KC to stay with my sister and her family.  She has a testosterone house!  Ha ha!

He flew Southwest (non-stop, 90 minute flight) from Dallas to KC.  Because of his age, we were able to have gate passes on both ends of the trip.  The only time he was "alone" was in the air.  So it worked out perfectly!  He had a glorious week to spend with his cousin (who is one month younger than Stan the Man).

I am praying for ~

* An end to abortion

* For our country and all of the terribly, misguided young people

What I am listening to ~

* the hum of the air conditioner

* left over spaghetti being reheated on the stove top

* mockingbirds outside my window

Coming down the pike ~

* School prep

* One more beach trip

A few last photos to share ~

After Mass yesterday, David ask our priest if we could receive a blessing since, "...she needs it to survive one more day with me". 

I love his humor :)

The priest got a good laugh out of that and immediately ushered us inside to have a proper anniversary blessing that consisted of getting a good bath with holy water. :)

(Miss Emma secretly took these photos of us.)

Afterward, he and I went out to dinner to and hit up the ice cream churning contest in the area.  You know, July 21 isn't just our anniversary but National Ice Cream Day as well!

It's been a fabulous summer that has been going at warp speed it seems.  We still have a few tricks up our sleeves to get more enjoyment out of the few weeks that remain.  Praying that you are enjoying your summer break with family and friends!


Friday, July 12, 2019

What's for Sunday dinner?

I really try to have our family Sunday dinner no matter if it is big and special or quiet and plain, like last Sunday's dinner was.   It was very quiet around the house and dinner was simple since I was trying to use up items in the freezer.

I made this Crock Pot Pot Roast recipe with a side of fries and peas.  For dessert, I had Blue Bell ice cream.  It hit the spot on such a hot summer day. 

The flowers?  They are from the garden.  Don't the colors just POP?!  I'm so delighted in the package of Mary Garden seeds that were in Miss Clementine's Easter basket.  They are taller than her!

Here's to more summer Sunday dinners!  Bon Appetit!


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Camping Storage / Gear I love - Part 3

Our camper has a shower in it.  However, we don't always use it.  Many times we head over to the shower house where the water pressure is preferable (especially to get the sand out of the hair) or when the line to use our camper shower is too long.

Because of this, I like to have shower bags ready for use.

I recently came across these travel bottles on Amazon.  You can twist the cap and turn it to a desired label; lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.

I fill them and put them into a water-proof bag along with a wet hair brush and/or comb.

I just purchased this new Esvan tote on Amazon.  They didn't have a more manly pattern, but this is definitely an improvement over the mermaid bag he was carrying around! Ha ha!

The bag is spacious enough to fit a towel and clean pair of clothes as well as toiletries.

A friend showed me how they hang wet suits or towels inside when it isn't possible to line dry outside.

This is a simple, collapsible drying rack.  I pop it up in the shower stall when we have to bring clothes in overnight.  Since it is collapsible, it's easy to store when it isn't being used.  I found this one at Target.

A new to us item is this window insulator.  Many campers have vented ceiling windows, but those windows allow too much heat in.  We found these window insulators at camping world.  Many folks use these if they have an RV.

It has made a HUGE difference.  We have one in our camper bedroom as well.  When I need to turn the bathroom vent on (like when the shower is in use), the insulated cushion easily comes out with a little tug,  and then I store it in the bathroom.

More camping gear I love here and here, here and here.

While we continue to enjoy the camper, we are always looking for ways to streamline things to make life even easier.  We are getting ready for another road trip soon, and I'm sure there will be something else we think of then.

Until the next camping trip...


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

July 4th Holiday - 2019

After parking the camper the afternoon of July 4th, David grilled out for us.  It was a simple, easy dinner before I took some of the kids to the city's fireworks show.

We brought our sweet neighbor boy, who has a dual citizenship to England and Poland.  We loved having him with us.  Imagine his joy when he experienced his first funnel cake! :)

We missed Sarah and Mabel, who were some of the 250 city employees working behind the scenes that day/night.

On July 5, we were invited to a fun BBQ at our friend's house.  The swimming was refreshing!  The food that they prepared was delicious.    I made this yummy No-Bake Strawberry, Blueberry Trifle once again. 

The circus was in town on July 6, and Miss Clementine and I had tickets for it.  It was so incredibly hot, but watching the exciting and daring acts with some friends made it bearable.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
Psalms 33: 12.
Eternal God, stir our minds and stimulate our hearts with a high sense of patriotism on this Fourth of July. May all that this day symbolizes renew our faith in freedom, our devotion to democracy, and redouble our efforts to keep a government of the people, by the people, and for the people truly alive in our world.
Grant that we may highly resolve on this great day to dedicate ourselves anew to the task of ushering in an era when good will shall live in the hearts of a free people, justice shall be the light to guide their feet, and peace shall be the goal of humankind: to the glory of your holy name and the good of our Nation and of all mankind. Amen. ~ Prayer offered in Congress by Chaplain, Rev. Edward G. Latch, D.D. Wednesday 1974


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Camper B&B

My friend coined that phrase last week.  My sweet husband hauled the camper out to a state park for five days.  We allowed the kids to take turns bringing a friend out to spend the night. I stayed out there with them, of course.  It was so wonderful to share the fun with friends. :)

This state park is called Lake Ray Roberts Isle de Bois.  It's a favorite of ours.

One afternoon, I arrived shortly after Emma who drove out ahead of me with a couple of friends.  I pulled up to hear them out on the lake laughing hysterically as they were floating on rafts.  I loved that moment!  Doesn't that just scream summer?! :)

We took the camper back to storage on July 4. 

We will definitely do this again.  This camper has brought so much fun and joy to all of us.  We are so grateful to have it.

Until the next camping trip...



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