Monday, June 24, 2019

Local Homeschool Graduation 2019 & Dinner Party

When you are home schooled, chances are you will have the opportunity to participate in more than one graduation ceremony.  Our home school group held its baccalaureate Mass and cake reception on June 5. 

We missed Sarah who was still in Europe at the time.  :)

I love how her senior table turned out.  Isn't it darling?  And it fits her personality perfectly.  All the senior tables looked so nice!

I loved how the table centerpieces turned out.  One mom used encyclopedias tied up in ribbon as the centerpiece for each table.  Perfect!

We waited until the end of June for her graduation party at home with our closest friends.  We have been so busy and we wanted Sarah present.

Last evening, the rain held out so we could celebrate officially as a family.

We fed her guests quite a meal! I set the dining room table up as a buffet and purchased a packaged, chafing dish buffet set (24 piece) at Party City.  I was able to clean up, repackage, and store most of it away for future use.  (I HIGHLY recommend these buffet sets!)

There were fresh veggies from the garden and a delicious strawberry/blueberry fruit bowl.

I made this mouthwatering cole slaw the day before as well as these Aaron Franklin pinto beans.

These cheesy potatoes were super easy to prep the day of.  David smoked pulled pork the day before and mouth watering brisket the morning of.

The menu was perfect for this crowd size (30 people) and easy to prepare since so much was done the day before.

The rain held off until that evening, thank God!  Most of her guests hung outside having corn hole tournaments, tossing the football around, and even playing four-square!  Ha ha!

Sarah was home, too, to help us celebrate!  The dinner party started at 4pm and the last two guests left at 11pm.  My friend told me that THAT is a sign of a good party!  I hope so :)   I'm so happy that these young adults enjoyed themselves and were comfortable hanging out at our house for so long.

Today I am wiped out!  We have had non-stop celebrating this year with so many milestones in our family to observe.  It's all good though.  This is the stage of life we are in. 

Here's to all the graduates out there.  Congratulations to you all and to the parents who are behind them cheering them on.  May graduates everywhere know how much Jesus loves them.



  1. Congratulations! You are quite the party giver!

  2. Congratulations to your lovely, successful daughter!
    And you, my dear, know how to party!

  3. Wow! I am so impressed that you cooked for 30! And it all looked like wonderful food - you know how to throw a party! Congratulations to Emma! Now get some chill time mama!


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