Saturday, June 29, 2019

June Smorgasbord

Tour de Parks

The sweet and talented Dwija from Houseunseen came up with a plan this summer for her kids up in Minnesota.  They were going to try to hit up as many new parks as possible.  I loved this idea.  However, Texas is usually a lot hotter than Minnesota in the summer.  We don't really play in parks in the summer because of the heat.  You'll find us there in the winter though!  I implemented her plan recently with our home school group, making sure that the parks have splash pads and pools to cool off in.

We meet up at a different park each week, and it's been so much fun!


Last week, the younger children in our home school group were invited to gather with our parochial vicar and our deacon, (who is visiting for the summer and will be ordained next May), for a discussion on the Mass.  The parish recently acquired a beautiful Mass kit  and these holy men explained it beautifully to our children.

Some of the little girls sweetly announced how the Mass kit looks perfect for a tea party ;)

Our group has always been blessed to have such caring, guiding, supportive priests that fully embrace our homeschool community.  For that, we are truly grateful.


I read these three books since the beginning of the month.  Broken  and Blessed is so inspiring!!  Be Brave in the Scared is emotional but a must read.  The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane was a hard one to read.  Some of the customs described were painful to even imagine.


Hump Day this week


Sometimes children do better with strangers teaching them.  Even though she has three capable sisters, little miss is doing fairly well with Captain Nick. :)


Miss Clementine and I planted these GORGEOUS flowers from the Mary Garden seed packet she received in her Easter basket.   We planted them the end of April and they are almost as tall as Clementine! I love the colors, which just POP!


That brings June to an end.  Between all of the travels, celebrations, and life in general, it's been a whirlwind of a month.  I keep reminding myself that my word for the year is EXPERIENCE. ;)



  1. And that you are, dear friend.
    Love the photos. Love the fun.
    Stay cool down there!

  2. Ha! The Mass kit looks perfect for a tea party... that was the best!


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