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Jelly Stone Park (& Camp) Guadalupe River 2019

Camping in Texas during the summer months is usually incredibly hot so you really should go where there's a swimming pool to jump into and cool off when things are heating up.  Because of those high temps and heat indexes, we tend to head to the resorts instead of the state parks.  We recently took Stan and Miss Clementine down to Jelly Stone Park & Camp: Guadalupe River for three nights.  Oh my goodness!!  They had the time of their lives.

We left pretty early since the drive to Kerrville, TX was a long one.

And it was a HOT day!

The park has six water slides (four just opened this spring).

There's a beautiful splash pad and three swimming pools (one indoor).

Stan's friend (and his dad) hauled their camper down, too.  It sure was nice for Stan to have a buddy to hang out with while there.  Miss Clementine made plenty of friends her age ;)

The Guadalupe River is so beautiful.  I love being out by nature!

Unfortunately, it started raining a few hours after we arrived and rained almost the entire time until the day we left. :/

The good news was that it was a steady light rain that brought in cooler temps.  We were able to turn off the a.c. after the first night, and we slept with the windows open.  In southwest Texas.  In June.  That's unheard of!

They still swam in the rain.  ;)

David did work on this trip.  I'm grateful he has the flexibility to work around his job.

There were so many camp activities.  Clementine said it was more fun then the cruises we've been on!

Every week has a different theme.  Every day of the week has a different line-up of activities.  There was something going on all the time, and you could participate as much or as little as you wanted to.

You could practice mining from the Guadalupe River, play miniature golf (at no extra cost), eat ice cream ($), and watch out for bears. Ha ha!

There were two air trampolines, playgrounds, swings by the river, a great rec hall...

At night, there were jumbo games to play and corn hole tournaments.  We can't forget the sack races!  The resort also had a pizzeria and pub on the premises in case you wanted to "dine out".

Miss Clementine LOVED LOVED LOVED the foam dance party!

Afterward, the kids took part in the Wet Hey Hey Ride.  The main rule:: ANYONE was a target.

They got me!

The Hey Hey rides were awesome.  There was a morning Hey Hey ride every morning.  It took the campers all around the resort while a camp ranger had them dancing to the music.

There was also the Glow Stick Hey Hey ride one evening.  Afterward, there was a glow stick pool party!

The water was so cold!  They didn't stay in it long.

I can't forget about the dance competition (that Clementine enjoyed) or the laser tag field (the boys LOVED that)!

Come rain or shine, football is played in Texas.  The boys enjoyed a wet game of flag football down by the river.  It was campers VS cabins. :)

Tug-o-war was a hit with the families that participated.  And how fun to see one of the bears get into the game!

On one of the afternoons, during art period in the rec hall, the kids (and parents) were able to build their own rockets.  Once they built them, they lined up outside to test them on the air compressor.  That was so fun to watch!

This was our first experience with a Jelly Stone park.  I'd go back there in a heartbeat!  (This isn't a paid endorsement either.) I was impressed with how CLEAN this park was, the variety of activities that the staff had lined up for the patrons, and the facilities were amazing.  What I noticed about this camp was that none of the activities included electronics.  The fun was plain, old-fashioned, fun.

Until our next camp out...


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  1. Plain ol fashioned fun sounds delightful! I love a good get away with NO screens!


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