Monday, June 17, 2019

Emma's Seton Graduation 2019

Emma and I had quite the special senior trip out to her graduation ceremony this past Memorial weekend.  There were some many amazing moments and memories.  The trip took forever to arrive and then it was over before we knew it.

Reminiscing here...

We flew into Nashville on a Thursday morning so we could eat a delicious breakfast at the Pancake Pantry!  A total stranger told us about the place and wowzer!  It was SCRUMPTIOUS!  After our bellies were full, we hit the town for a self-guided tour.  Emma's been dying to see Nashville especially since she's my little country girl ;)

My excitement was getting to view the General Lee when we stopped in at Cooter's Garage!  Ha ha!

Our first night was spent in Nashville.  We rose bright and early in order to get on the road Friday morning.  We had a LONG drive through the Smoky Mountains and needed to get to our destination by early evening.

She really wanted a road trip but since the drive from the Dallas area to Front Royal, VA (just west of D.C.), we decided to fly half way.  (A person under the age of  25 cannot drive a rental car unless you pay a daily fee - no thanks.)

The drive over the Smoky Mountains was breathtakingly beautiful!  Somewhere up in the mountains we stopped at this gorgeous state park that had a restaurant where we gobbled down a yummy lunch while we sat on a picturesque veranda.

We arrived in Front Royal, VA that evening just in time for a roller skating party hosted by Seton staff for all of the graduates and their families.

No.  I didn't  skate. I sure was glowing tho!  Ha ha!

On Saturday, Seton had a baccalaureate Mass for the graduates and their families.  What a grace-filled moment!  I love that parish out there, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  Sarah and I attended Mass there when we flew out for her graduation in 2017.  Afterward, Emma and I had just enough time to eat a brunch before heading over for the graduation ceremony.

Oh man!  My tears were flowing.  What a moment!  Seeing your child graduate is an incredible experience.  Seeing your child graduate after homeschooling for 13 years is a different level of  incredible since you literally were there with them almost every single step of the way.

There were over 140 graduates in attendance, graduates from all over the world.  Emma had so much fun meeting up with friends in real life that she met online. :)

A reception was held immediately following the graduation and then a dance was put on for the families later in the evening.  Even though the day was long, it filled my heart with pure joy.  It was a good tired feeling.

On Sunday morning, after another beautiful Mass, we hit the road to head back.  Our goal was to get to Knoxville, TN.  I really enjoyed the drive so much better since there was less traffic on it (being a Sunday and all).

Monday morning, Memorial Day, I had the complete joy of meeting (in real life) a blog friend, Mary!  This was so fun, folks!  When I knew we would be driving through her neck of the woods, I asked if she'd want to meet up.  To my delight, she agreed!  Mary, her husband, Emma, and I all sat down for a delicious breakfast.  She and her husband are such amazing people.

Her parents are from Texas.  I live in Texas.  She's 1 of 10.  I am 1 of 9.  She is a speech therapist.  I have my degree in education.  She's Catholic. I'm Catholic.  She loves to camp, and you know I love to camp, too!

Then it was back on the road to Nashville once again.  Emma and I had the rest of the day, and I was wanting to go see The Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson's plantation.

It was blazing hot and humid, but we enjoyed ourselves regardless.  I love history!  The older I get, the more I love it.

Emma and I realized only after the tour that our traveling came full circle.  Four years ago, for her 8th grade graduation trip, Emma and I went to New Orleans to see the rich historical areas she studied here and here.  If it wasn't for Jackson, we would be a country flying a completely different flag!

On Tuesday, we were suppose to fly home early.  However, due to several flight cancellations, we didn't fly out until evening (after spending 8.5 hours in the airport).  Yikes!

The wine bar in the airport helped me out ;)

I'm so grateful for many moments in this homeschool journey.  Being able to participate in the actual graduation ceremony is the pinnacle, the summit.  I look forward to experiencing this with Mable in two years.  Hopefully, David can make it with us next time.  He's so important in this adventure.  It is definitely a team effort!



  1. Congratulations to your lovely daughter!
    And to Mom as well.
    Happy times, my dear friend.


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