Friday, May 17, 2019

Mid-May Daybook Post 2019

Outside my window ~

We had a peepin' tom a week ago ;)

I am thankful for ~

* all the joy that the month of May has brought so far

* homeschooling

* my husband and children

The only pictures I have from Mother's Day are of the food we feasted on - ha ha!  We were too busy working in the yard.

(Brisket, corn bread, slaw, and cheesy potatoes with Cheesecake Factory for dessert - Yum!)

* safe travels (camping post coming soon)

From the school room ~

Our trip to the coast was planned around Sarah's study abroad trip to Europe.  The parents of the students were invited to spend the night before at a hotel near the Houston airport.  The students left at o'dark hundred the next morning.

We are soooo excited for and proud of Sarah!  She won a partial scholarship for this study abroad (only 5 out of the 20 students were awarded). 

She is studying for fives weeks in Lithuania, traveling to Estonia, Latvia, and Poland as well.  She's loving her coursework and her favorite professor from UMHB is teaching it.  Sarah tells me that it's HARD to go to bed due to the amazing conversations that the American and European students have into the wee hours of the morning.  :)

Last day photos of first grade and sophomore year in high school.

Our homeschool group had a May Crowning on May 1st. 

May is for the month of Mary. and as Jesus' mother, we venerate (not worship) her.  If you have a favorite athlete that you "idolize", why not then honor his blessed mother?  She wants us to love her son, and one way is through honoring his mother. 

The lucky child who was chosen to crown Mary was the the one who picked the Easter egg with the golden stone in it! 

From the kitchen ~

Tea party time!  Our Catholic faith is SO awesome.  There are countless ways to live it in your own home.  Last Sunday, the Church honored Jesus as The Good Shepherd (always on the fourth Sunday of Easter).  We usually celebrate it at home with a cute lamb cake, but that didn't happen with it being Mother's Day.  It is never too late though!  The other day we celebrated Jesus as our Good Shepherd with a tea party.  Always remember how much Jesus loves you!

What I am reading ~

I'm reading nothing at the moment.  I have not had the time, but I am putting plenty of titles on my wish list.  I'll get there again, eventually. :)

Around the house ~

Down on the farm fun!

Our Little Flowers Girls Club had their end-of-year party recently.  Our generous host provided awesome entertainment with cuddly puppies, chicks, pizza, and a movie theater set up in their barn!  Miss Clementine (and all the Little Flowers) had a memorable evening wrapping up a fantastic year.

I am thinking about ~

* packing for Emma's graduation trip next weekend

* always thinking about my Sarah who is studying abroad

* severe weather expected tomorrow (I hate the severe storm season in Texas!)

* Miss Mabel, who begins her new job later today

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion!

What I am listening to ~

The Wii :()

I allowed Miss Clementine on just so I can get this post up.  It's SOOO hard to find any time to blog anymore. 

Coming down the pike the second half of May ~

* Emma's graduation from Seton Home Study School (Front Royal, VA)

* Stan the man's last day of school

A last photo to share ~

Splash pads
Magnolias in bloom!

Here's to the second half of May. 

Cheers and prayers to all the graduates out there and to their parents behind them, praying for and nurturing them thus far.  God bless you!


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