Saturday, May 18, 2019

Galveston Island State Park 2019

This trip was our first long-distance trip with the new camper, and let me tell you, my guy (and anyone who pulls a camper) is awesome.  You don't realize how awful (as in rude, inconsiderate, and in a hurry) other drivers on the road are until you are pulling something big behind you.  Ugh!

He pulled it like a champ!

We could see the ocean from the kitchen window of the camper.  Not a bad view!  Miss Clementine had a view of the sunset from her bunk window.  Just as pretty.

The last time we camped here was exactly six years ago when we had the tear drop and the tent and all the kids :)

And check out that sunrise picture below!  (No filters - God is amazing!)

This was a fishing trip for David.  Clementine and I went along for the fun. 

*Emma had class at the college, Miss Mabel didn't want to go, and Stan the man had public school.

And that fish I'm holding?  It was the FIRST fish I have ever reeled in!  27" Red Drum

The weather was not the greatest, but the fishing was amazing!  David said it was the best fishing trip he's experienced.  (It Must have been all that lady luck ;)

This girls cracks me up!  Check out her determination - ha ha!

It wasn't all fishing though.

And there was schooling to do.  (I'm a stickler about staying on task, much to her dismay.)

One evening, we took her over to the bay and bayou side of the state park to hunt for crabs.  The alligator signs had me on high alert, so I didn't quite relax over there.

My little sunshine!

The last beach-combing walk the night before we left.  Our camper was so close to the beach!

And we wrapped this trip up with an overnight stay in Houston with Sarah.

She headed for Europe (study abroad) the next morning and we finished our trek home, safe and sound. 

I'm so excited we have this camper because of all the experiences it has allowed us to enjoy.  The state parks are great because of the (typical) $20 a night fee - seriously.  You can do one week in a camper for the price of one night in a hotel (and you know no one else has slept in your bed - ha ha).

Out next adventure is in June when we take Stan and Clementine to an RV Resort in southwest Texas along the Guadalupe River.  They are pretty excited about that one since it is a camp and has (3) pools, water slides, and so much more.  Until then, safe travels!


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  1. What a great trip and yes! camping is wonderful because of the cost and it's all yours! Hope your spring and end of of the school year are going great!


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