Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lake Bonham State Park

I mentioned back here that we took the camper to a new-to-us lake on Easter Sunday after Mass.  We've really been enjoying the weather and tradition of picnicking on Easter Sunday.  With the new camper this year, it made it even more enjoyable.

Texas has (the last I counted) 95 state parks.  That is some serious outdoor time, folks.  Lake Bonham is small, with a very small lake, but it was close enough to haul the camper and enjoy it for a couple of days.

The older three girls only stayed the day on Easter, but David, myself, and the younger two stayed for two nights.

We just enjoyed nature and being away from the rat race for a bit.

The sunset view was from my camper door.  :)

Stan the man did not have school.  He hung out and read from the books he received in his Easter basket while Miss Clementine did her school work.

Two things:

No, those aren't real ants - ha ha! Those adorable plaid melamine plates and whimsical napkins were a birthday gift that I was so excited to try out!

That squirrel tho...

Our next BIG trip is coming up soon.  David's planned a fishing trip to Galveston Island and it'll be the first time we are hauling the new camper that distance.  Clementine and I have been trying to work ahead in her school work, but we will still have some subjects to bring along.  That's the beauty of homeschooling!

Until then...


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