Wednesday, April 24, 2019

~ Easter 2019 ~

Jesus is risen!  Alleluia!

Easter greetings from our family to yours!

Pictures after 8am Mass on Easter Sunday

Backing up a little bit now, I have to share these adorable, saintly egg wraps that I found on Shining Light Dolls. 

Easy.  Colorful.  Fun.  Unique.  

Place a wrap on a hard boiled egg.  Carefully place it in boiling water for 3 seconds.  Presto!

And inexpensive!

We also colored eggs the old fashioned way.

Back to Easter Sunday...

The kids were up by 6:30am in order to check out what the bunny brought and be dressed and on time for Mass.

Clockwise from the top right::

Sweet packet of flower seeds for a Mary Garden, found on Shining Light Dolls.

Fairy peg doll set found on Punch and Judy Pegs.

The Beautiful Story of the Bible, by Maite Roche, found on Amazon.  (And is it BEAUTIFUL!)

Stained Glass Made Easy Butterfly, Melissa and Dough, found on Amazon.

Clockwise from top right::

Benedictine Medal water bottle was found on Shining Light Dolls.

Will Wilder, The Amulet of Power, by Raymond Arroyo, found on Amazon.  (Stan the man loves this series!)

Heroic Catholic Chaplains, by Thomas J. Craughwell, found on Amazon

Air Soft pellets, found on Amazon.

The older girls had a few things each :)

Narnia fans, this one is for you!!

Sarah received a travel pillow, a wallflower and scented plug-in from Bath and Body Works, as well as some car scents from Bath and Body Works.

Emma received a gift card to Panera (for a bite to eat after a shift at work), skin and hair care products from ULTA, and car scents from Bath and Body Works.

After Mass, we sat down for an easy but delicious Easter breakfast.  I love Easter breakfast, don't you?  Cinnamon rolls always hit the spot, especially with fresh fruit. 

We had fruit cups, cinnamon rolls, and egg & ham cups with orange juice and coffee.  Oh!  It tasted so yummy!

By the way, my mama's heart was feeling full having Sarah home and my family altogether for the weekend.  

Our tradition of having an Easter picnic at a lake continued.  This time, David took the new camper and set up at a site.  

I served chicken salad on croissants, a spring salad, chips, and fruit.  Dessert was cupcakes that we had baked the day before.

It was such a lovely Easter Sunday!  I really cherish these family times especially since I recognize how quickly life is passing by.

The older three girls headed back for home that evening while David, myself, and the younger two stayed and camped at this particular lake for two nights.  (A new camping trip post is coming soon.)

As we continue on in this Easter season, I pray for his peace to fill your lives for he has conquered death.



  1. Happy Easter! U am so happy to see that someone else gives Easter baskets for their older kids, too. I love your rabbit plates!!!

  2. Happy Easter!
    Love your beautiful family.
    Hugs from rainy PA!


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