Monday, April 29, 2019

April's Daybook Post - 2019

Outside my window ~

Miss Clementine planted the packet of Mary Garden seeds that she received in her Easter basket.  Hopefully, we will have success and will see beautiful flowers blooming in no time.

I am thankful for ~

* opening night tickets to the Avenger's Endgame movie (woot!)  Stan the man and Miss Mabel brought along (die hard fans) friends. 

* Jesus' Divine Mercy!

We made our traditional Divine Mercy Sundaes on Divine Mercy Sunday. :)

From the school room ~

* Emma is officially done with senior year!   What an amazing and monumental feat to graduate from the Seton Home Study program.  Exciting times, folks, exciting times!

We fly out to D.C. for the Seton commencement over Memorial weekend.  Graduation announcements have just been ordered.  We will have a celebratory graduation dinner in June.

* We've had some fantastic field trips this month.  One was to the C.R. Smith (American Airlines) Museum.  The students watched a movie, toured the hands-on museum, and took part in a STEM workshop where they created and tested their own flying objects in the wind tunnel.  Super duper cool!

* One of our deacons gave a church walk thru for some of the younger children in our homeschool group.

From the kitchen ~

No new dishes to post about

What I am reading about to read ~

Defending Boyhood:: How Building Forts, Reading Stories, Playing Ball, and Praying to God Can Change the World

Around the house ~

Emma celebrated her Baptism birthday.  This child LOVES her some crazy socks, so I found these Our Lady of Guadalupe socks at Sock Religious.  Check them out!  They have so many styles to choose from and they make great gifts!

Miss Mabel is now employed with the city's aquatic department (following in her sisters' footsteps).

David and I are HUGE believers in teen employment.  Boredom  = trouble.  In addition to that, way too many teens have no clue how to really work for a buck, how to really sacrifice, or how to really deal with adulting situations (life).  David and I have followed our parents' way by telling our own kids (as we were told), we will buy the kids' needs, but they buy their wants. 

Some little girl got her summer hair cut and it looks so cute!

I am thinking about ~

Sarah's study abroad trip.  It's almost here.  She flies out early on May 10. 

I am praying for ~

* my brother who is dealing with his heart defect and will have a serious procedure performed on Wednesday, May 1

* an end to abortion

* for all those who have asked me to pray for

What I am listening to ~

Miss Clementine sing - She is ALWAYS singing and brings so much joy to our house.

Coming down the pike in May ~

* a beach trip

* Mother's day

* sending Sarah off to Europe

* Seton graduation trip

* Little Flowers' end of the year party

* end of school year

A last photo to share ~

I absolutely love a toothless grin and adore hers!

Miss Mabel continues to do so well with her student driving!

We are about to embark on a memory-making May celebrating some big milestones.  I look forward to the joyful times ahead and remind myself daily to be grateful for each day that dawns. 

Looking forward to May,

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  1. Hi Patty!
    What an awesome post with so much to comment on!
    Agree Agree Agree with you and your hubby about young people having jobs.
    It is so important in so many ways, and unfortunately I think we are beginning to be the minority.
    Your little one's new hair cut is adorable!!!
    Congratulations to your soon to be graduate!!!
    What an accomplishment!
    DC really isn't all that far away from here. Just 'sayin!
    And did I see EUROPE in there for someone????
    Hugs and love dear friend!
    OH! Endgame!!!!!!! How amazing was that???
    Ok. I'll stop. Night!


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