Friday, February 1, 2019

Dinosaur Valley State Park Camping / Fossil Rim Wildlife & Safari

Wow!  Texas is SO big, the state never ceases to amaze us.  With this being our first trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park, we were blown away by its beauty.

The boys had a scheduled Troops of St. George camp out that weekend at that park, and being that it was also Clementine's birthday, she and I were able to go camping - making sure we stayed far far away from the men and boys.  It's strictly a father/ son apostolate - no females allowed :)

We pulled Stan out of school early on Friday and made it to park shortly after noon.

We set up the camper and then immediately went hiking.  This crystal clear river, the Paluxy River, was absolutely gorgeous, and we had a great time exploring.

The boys headed off to their campsite, leaving the truck with us so we could explore the park some more.

This area of Texas is where dinosaurs once roamed.  There are many areas for tourists to view the fossilized foot prints along the river bank.

The two Dinos above were part of the World's Fair in 1964-1965.

Her last night as a 6 year old.

Bright and early the next morning, we took a picture of her gifts (she had to wait until later in the day to open them) and then headed into town for donuts.  We had a special day planned, just her and I, and we needed to get a jump start on the festivities. :)

Our adventure began at Fossil Rim Wildlife and Safari Park.   I had taken the older kids there twice before, but this was her first visit and she was so excited.

Much to our delight, one of the giraffes came right up to my driver's side window!  I couldn't get any photos since I was enjoying feeding the magnificent creature. :)

We had one bag of food and were excited to be able to feed so many animals up close.  But those ostriches and emus!  They are something else - ha ha!

After all the excitement of the safari, we went into town to buy a birthday cake and then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the other side of the state park - looking at the dinosaur tracks that were fossilized in the river's edge.

David, Stan the man, and a couple of friends from TSG popped into our campsite in order to sing to the birthday girl and watch her open her gifts :)  She was so excited!

She had a blast!

On Sunday, we packed up and went to Mass at a local Catholic Church before heading for home.

What a birthday weekend!

And this state park is so unique, we look forward to coming back sometime in warmer weather to swim in the river.

Until then...



  1. Oh my gosh! That trip looks like soooo much fun! And stress free and relaxing! And that American Girl with the space suit! Perfect present! Happy birthday to your little girl!

  2. How fun!! Happy birthday blessings to sweet Clementine!!


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