Saturday, January 5, 2019

Overnight on the USS Lexington

My guys and a couple of their buddies planned a fishing trip to Padre, working around a scheduled overnight camp out on the USS Lexington (in Corpus Christi) with their Troops of St. George group.

They had an incredible trip, and the stay on the Lexington was something the boys will remember forever!

A few pics from the ship...

(Pool table photo credit: a dad from TSG.  Photo credit for the rest: my hubby)

The boys checked in around noon and then had a few activities they could participate in (like a scavenger hunt), and free time (checking out the planes and playing pool).

They stayed not quite 24 hours, but were able to eat 2 meals in the mess hall of the ship.  Sleeping quarters were the actual berthing areas of the ship.  Isn't that cool?!

Stan the man hopes they can do it again someday!


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