Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Eve 2018

One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas is hearing about all the family traditions out there.  It brings me great pleasure to hear the joy in others as they describe their own customs within their families.  And with customs, we sometimes get ourselves all worked up if a piece to the "perfect" puzzle is missing.  Am I right??  One thing I learned is that it's okay if something doesn't get done because Christmas comes no matter what.  As I read recently, Christmas is in your heart (not what's in your home) and not just for one day.  Isn't that a pretty sentiment?

Back to traditions, our Christmas Eve morning usually has the kids exchanging gifts with their gift exchange drawing (the name they picked out back on Thanksgiving day).  This year they did the same and then sat down to a bacon and egg, homemade bread toasted, and fruit breakfast.

Our Christmas table (no pic this year - and I survived - ha ha) is always set with an assortment of Christmas dishes.  Way back, when the kids were little and eventually outgrew their Christmas plates (from Target),  I would take them to pick out their own set of big-kid, Christmas dishes.  They loved looking forward to that, and I think they felt a little more grown up at the same time.  :)

With warmer temps this Christmas Eve, we headed outside for fresh air after breakfast.  David and I even enjoyed a nice walk by ourselves.  Oh man.  We need alone time during the holiday season! It can be a struggle to get it, people.

Christmas Eve lunch was lunchmeat sandwiches, chips, and left-over fruit.

For a special treat, I surprised my family with these adorable chocolates.

Maggie Louise Confections is out of Austin and all of her chocolates are hand-painted!!  You have to check out her website sometime.  Seriously.  These make such fun and unique gifts.

Next up was dinner.  The kids insist on having me serve homemade vegetable beef soup with homemade bread every Christmas Eve. :)

And for dessert, we had a smaller array of cookies this year; two of which were GF and DF.   Oh! and  Blue Bell peppermint ice cream.  We cannot forget our ice cream, folks.

Earlier on, we had decided to attend the 10pm Mass.  I was fine, but that was really hard on Miss Clementine.  The poor thing, between fighting to keep her eyes open and worrying that Santa would not stop in (since we were still up), remained a trooper.  I made a mental note to skip the late Christmas Mass time next year.

Stan the man had served (no pic again), and I could only squeeze out a kid photo.  No family photo, but at that late in the game, I was quite content with what I ended up getting!  Beggars cannot be choosers, am I right??

Eventually, everyone was home, the stockings were hung, and some little girl had visions of sugar plums in her head when Santa finally arrived.

Merry Christmas Eve ~ 2018

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