Sunday, November 18, 2018

"50 Days to Fifty", a Birthday Countdown!

My beloved turned the BIG 5-0 on November 9!!

He did not want a big party, so I decided to celebrate his life every day for 50 days.  Crazy!  I know.  He loved it!

I had a wrapped box on the table and each morning there was something to open.  As Stan the Man said, "It was like a big Advent calendar!"

I counted back and started the celebration 50 days out.

Here it is::

Week 1

Day 1: Fun facts from 1968
Day 2: Vintage beer mug (glass, in the shape of a can)
Day 3: A favorite snack (dark chocolate bar)
Day 4: Movie night - The Green Berets (1968 w/ John Wayne)
Day 5: What I Love About Dad (from Stan the man)
Day 6: New Tackle Shirt (for fishing)
Day 7: Favorite dessert (Suzi Q cakes)

Week 2

Day 8: Photo collage (grade school)
Day 9: Top songs from 1968
Day 10: What I Love About Dad (from Ester)
Day 11: Movie night, Where Eagles Soar (1968 w/ Richard Burton & Clint Eastwood)
Day 12: Card from a friend
Day 13: King David shirt (a fishing nickname)
Day 14: Memory from a former neighbor

Week 3

Day 15: Something needed (gift card for new shoes)
Day 16: What I Love About Dad (from Sarah)
Day 17: Something You Want (Scavenger hunt day!!  Found a new rod & reel hidden away)
Day 18: Move night, Planet of the Apes (1968 w/ Charlton Heston)
Day 19: Card from a friend
Day 20: Favorite snack (licorice)
Day 21: Birth day facts

Week 4

Day 22: Photo collage (each time you became a new daddy)
Day 23: What I Love About Dad (from Clementine)
Day 24: Something funny (manly soap)
Day 25: Movie night, Once Upon a Time in the West (1968, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda)
Day 26: Something you need (new dress shirts)
Day 27: Card and gift card from a friend
Day 28: Gift from a friend

Week 5

Day 29: Card from a brother (with old family photos)
Day 30: Something for aging eye sight (magnified bathroom mirror)
Day 31: Things I Love About Dad (from Mabel)
Day 32: Movie night, Yours, Mine, & Ours (1968 w/ Lucille Ball & Henry Fonda)
Day 33: Gag gift from a sister
Day 34: Facts from birth year (1968 was a terribly depressing year!!)
Day 35: Gag gift from a sister-in-law

Week 6

Day 36: A card and homemade word find (from his 87 year old mother)
Day 37: Fun shirt
Day 38: Something you like to drink
Day 39: Gift from a friend (50 caliber shell, engraved, bottle opener)
Day 40: Gag gift from a sister
Day 41: Ensure you smell good as you age (cologne)
Day 42: Favorite camping snack

Week 7

Days 43 - 48: Cards from his children and one last fishing gift
Day 49: Card and gift card from his mother-in-law
Day 50: Birthday gifts from his children and more cards arrived in the mail!

I had put a few messages out to family and friends to let them know what I was up to and if they wanted to contribute to the countdown.  I'm so glad so many decided to join in on the fun because it really made this that much easier and David sure appreciated all of those folks who helped him celebrate.

On day 50, we spent the night at home quietly admiring the man :)  Sarah came home from college for the weekend.  Saturday had us celebrating with close friends at an amazing steak house.


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