Saturday, October 27, 2018

DIY Master Bedroom Make-Over

After severe water damage last February when the new roof leaked (yikes!), we finally got around to finishing the floor.

David had to cut out the wall to find the leak from the inside out.  It was such a mess!

3' of wall on both sides of this hole plus the ceiling area above that had to be replaced and repainted. 
We decided to forgo replacing carpet, so the roofing company gave us flooring money to put toward what we wanted to do.

The roofing company was fantastic to work with and we'd hire them again. 

Everything but the floor was finished last winter. 


Two weeks ago, we began our DIY floor project.

First, all the furniture had to be moved out and the curtains and wall pictures taken down.  Then David had to remove all the old base and door trim.

The typical Texas home is on a concrete slab since there are no basements down here (TX ground has too much movement for basements).

Nail holes from the carpet strips had to be filled in, and then the concrete pad was ready for sanding.

David took every precaution necessary to keep the dust to a minimum.  (Imagine a keg of fine baby powder exploding...)

Once the sanding was complete, we vacuumed the concrete floor multiple times to make sure all the dust and debris was gone.

Ready for the epoxy floor coating!

I did the cut in while David brushed on the main section.

We used Rustoleum Epoxyshield Professional Floor Coating

Before Epoxy ::

After Epoxy ::

The next step was dusting all the walls, the ceiling fan, and the blinds before putting in the base trim. 

**After the epoxy was applied, we could carefully walk on the floor after 12 hours.  It was dried in 36 hours.  We didn't move anything in until after 48 hours.**

While the floor was drying, David prepped and painted the trim in the garage.

He still has to make the threshold trim and do touch up paint, but otherwise it's finished, and we are thrilled with how it turned out!


After ::

It feels like a real master bedroom suite, someplace that is relaxing and quiet; a retreat space.

The prep work was the hardest part in this make-over.  We scheduled it on our calendars taking out furniture and trim on day one, sanding on day two, vacuuming and painting on day three, and starting trim placement on the evening of day four.  The evening of day five had us moving everything back in.   My husband worked so hard on this project!!

We are so pleased with how it turned out and grateful that David has the knowledge to do this kind of work otherwise, the hired labor would have been pricey.

I think I'm going to go sit in there now and enjoy a cuppa!


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  1. This looks so great! What a relaxing room. Come do my house :)


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