Friday, September 14, 2018

Little Flowers Girls Club - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Persistence, and the Lotus Flower

Earlier this month, Little Flowers started back up.  I had signed up to teach September for the 5-8 year olds. 

We learned the virtue of persistence by reading, The Tortoise and The Hare, reading about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and studying the meaning and looking at pictures of the lotus flower.

(Photo credit: my friend Cindy)

The craft that the little girls painted, glued, and put together.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton started the first free Catholic school in America.

The lotus flower is a great representation of persistence and resurrection.

Lastly, for a snack, I made these edible crayons!  Didn't they turn out darling? 

They are actually chocolate-covered pretzel rods! 

And folks, at this point, I have to say thank you, Jesus, for Pinterest and all the ideas I find there!  I love Pinterest :)


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