Saturday, August 4, 2018

Camper Closet

My husband has plans to rebuild some of the camper's interior over the winter to improve on storage space.  (Campers really lack in that area.) 

Since we are ready to hit the road on another camping trip, I thought I'd give you a peek into what our "closet" looks like ;)

This is it!  Ha ha!

It's under the one bunk bed. (That ladder can be removed.)

There are 3 large cubbies.

I bought puck lights and stuck them inside.  (This was Miss Mabel's bright idea!)

I also bought a couple of shelves for each cubby. 

Shoes go underneath the shelf and clothes go on top.

Each person gets a shelf and 1/2 the cubby space.  Honestly, since these are tight quarters and I like things neat and tidy, I handle everyone's clothes (except when a teen camps with us).

I typically put beach towels, beach blanket, suits, and board games in the bottom cubby.  (No puck light in it since it's hardly used.)

I keep a a lightweight laundry bag in the camper shower, out of the way.  When someone needs to use the shower, the bag is removed temporarily.  Easy peasy.

When we camp in cooler weather, I plan to put sweatshirts and jackets in the bottom cubby in place of the beach towels and swimsuits. 

It's tight, I know, but this is camping (or as my hubby said, RV-ing).  We've never gone more then a couple of nights, and this trip is going to be longer.  Honestly, I don't stress since finding space for more clothes on a camping trip is such a first world problem ;)



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