Monday, August 13, 2018

Back-to-School (College & Homeschool) 2018

We were on an amazing vacation last week and had so much fun that we decided to stay one more night.  This meant our re-entry into the 'real world' was going to happen at warp speed!

We had less then 48 hours to unpack the camper, regroup, go to Confession, Mass, and turn around to take Sarah back to college.

David and I moved her into her first apartment on Sunday.  I feel so much better about leaving her this time, but she will still be missed terribly.

She is a member of the Welcome Week committee this year and will do a great job helping freshman adjust to college life.

We arrived home so tired and climbed into bed right away because...

this morning, our home school year began its 2018-2019 school year :)

Miss Ester is a senior, Miss Mabel is a sophomore, and Miss Clementine is a (big) first grader :)

(Stan the man begins later this week.)

I think it is going to be another early bedtime for David and I tonight.  Ha ha!

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!



  1. Happy New school year!!!!
    Look at your girl!!!
    So ready to rock her sophomore year!
    And your students could not be sweeter.
    Patty, you look amazing too!!!

  2. Oh I love it allllll! So glad that you have your college girl all tucked away and that you feel really good about where she is this year! Senior, Sophomore, and two littles... you are one lucky mama! Here's to another great school year!


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