Wednesday, August 15, 2018

7th Grade, Here He Comes!

I took the picture this morning.  He said he had a little bit of a sore throat.  I gave him some motrin and he was off.

Ya'll!  The boy came home at 4:30pm with chills and a fever of 102!  :(

When I asked him how long he felt sick, he said since the second period.  Oh no.

He didn't realize that he should go to the school nurse.

My poor boy.  

Not a good way to start the new school year.

Please pray that whatever bug he has will go away quickly.


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  1. Oh Patty... he was in school all day with a climbing fever? I'm so sorry he didn't know to ask to go to the nurse. Poor thing. Sometimes I've looked a child in my class and just knew that they had a fever from the way they were acting, from the way they looked and have sent them to the nurse. But it was so early in the school year for your boy so probably no one noticed. Sorry for that. Hope he rests us and makes a full recovery soon!


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