Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

I have been seeing this little fella around my front porch lately.  I think he is kinda cute (from a distance).

I am thankful for ~

- being able to visit both sides of our family, here and here.

- David's garden

- the sale of our little tear drop camper (Yes! You read that correctly.)

We will miss it.  Knowing it wouldn't get much use (since we have the new camper), we thought it would be best to sell it.

It has been sold to a young family, and my heart is full knowing that it will continue being part of happy memories.

From the school room ~

Sarah moves back to college on August 12.

Our home school starts August 13.

Stan the man's school starts August 15.

I register with Seton Home School Studies this coming weekend.  This will be our 15th year with the Catholic program.

From the kitchen ~

Nothing knew lately.  With traveling and it being rather hot down here in Texas, I haven't cooked or baked much.

But we have made yummy homemade popsicles!

What I read ~

I love this series!

WWII history with mystery, murder, and light romance.  Easy summer reading.

Around our house ~

- a whole lot of swimming, including night time swimming which is on some of their bucket lists.

- Miss Sarah and Ester were part of the group of lifeguards that represented our city in the North Texas Guard Games last weekend.  The city sent (5) four-man teams.

My girls' team came up with this name and shirt idea - ha ha!

 (My Ester doing her thang on the obstacle course during the Guard Games.  She rocks!  Photo credit: NTTG)

I am praying for ~

- a very important prayer intention!

Coming down the pike this week ~

Fourth of July celebrations!  I pray that you all have a safe one.

Two last photos to share ~

I went all teary-eyed when I received this text from Sarah at the Guard Games

She works for every. single. penny. she needs for college.  The North Texas Guard Games awards one lifeguard scholarship each year.  My girl won it this year!

Sarah with her bosses after she was awarded the scholarship.  We are so proud of her hard work!

And that's a wrap!

Happy Fourth of July to my American friends!



  1. That is SOME garden!!! And a huge congratulations to your hard working girl!!!

  2. Oh Patty!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to your girl!!!!!!
    How proud you must be of her accomplishments!
    Love your family. : )

  3. Congratulations to your girl! That's awesome.
    I've missed all the happenings around here. So good to see you're having a good summer. I hope those dates in August take their time getting here :)
    I'm headed to see the previous posts that I've missed....

  4. That sounds like a fantastic summer so far! Congratulations!! I will miss seeing the camper. I love it! The veggies look so good.


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