Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DIY: Patio Facelift

I really disliked how our concrete patio had been looking (stained and marked up).  My hubby had planned to paint it, and we were in the store looking at concrete paint samples when I came across a different product. 

Granite Grip Concrete Coating (Home Depot)

Over the course of two weekends, my hubby worked on the patio.

It needed (and was recommended for better bonding) 3 acid washes.

On the second weekend, he started the coating process.  It had to be applied under 90 degrees F.  So you can imagine how early he had to get up to beat the Texas heat!

At $50 a gallon, needing two gallons for 110 sq ft, we were keeping our fingers crossed!

He ended up putting on three coats.  I'm glad he did.

I LOVE the finished look and feel!

It looks like paint with a non-slip texture, but it isn't paint.  It doesn't hurt to walk on, in fact, it feels so good!  You can easily sweep grass and other debris from the surface.  There was a multitude of colors, but we went with a standard tan color.

I'm hoping it wears well! We have a lot of traffic on the back patio. 

Next step, we need to get that door painted this weekend.  It never ends!


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  1. Enjoy your new patio... It looks awesome! Amen to handy husbands, right?! I'm always so grateful that Scott can do just about anything I throw at him!


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