Thursday, July 19, 2018

Another Patio Facelift

David has been working hard on updating the patio, giving it a fresh look.  The columns and ceiling needed a fresh coat of paint - badly!  And after the patio floor was refinished, it was even more obvious that a fresh coat was required.

He went to work on it last weekend.

First up, caulking in areas that had shifted and created gaps.

**In the south near us, builders use hardy board for exterior trim and siding.  It is a material made of fiber cement that can be painted.**

My only before picture.

Instead of caulking in all the lines/spaces between each hardy board on the porch ceiling, David placed batten strips to make it look more professional.

New batten strips installed.

New batten strips painted.

This is so much better to look at then a bunch of cracks that would reappear again as the Texas soil shifts (we are famous for that).

I also picked up a new light fixture.

I didn't choose a ceiling fan since we wouldn't use it that much.  It is either too hot and a ceiling fan would only blow warm air on us, or the weather is pleasant and no fan is needed.

The finished look ~

I love having that clean look once again!

There's only one thing left on the patio to-do list, and that is the door.   For now, he needs a break ;)



  1. Love it, Patty!!!
    I imagine you out there on a cooler afternoon, sipping something and reading a good book!

  2. Looks awesome! I always think when Scott is done with a big project... if only he didn't have to work he'd be my full time house handy man! There's always another project in line for us here!


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