Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Our Camper Bathroom

It's actually pretty big for a camper bathroom!

It came without accessories, except for the shower curtain.  So I've been glamping it up a bit, trying to infuse it with all the comforts of home.

(Excuse my cruddy phone pictures.)

Showering Miss Clementine with the wand can be tricky, so I plug the shower base and create a little tub for her.  It's SO much easier to bathe her in a small area like that.

There's a window vent and fan in the ceiling above the shower.

And I bought Command Strips for everything!  (shower caddy, soap dish, mirror, hooks for rag, towels and basket)

Underneath the sink I store: feminine supplies, Clorox wipes, rubber gloves, extra toilet paper, cups, and trash bags.

I'm still looking for a cute print to hang on the wall and a shelf to place one's clothes on when changing.


Bath mat, toothbrush holder, and two-tiered counter basket - T.J.Maxx

Succulents and (wall) baskets - Hobby Lobby

Wall scent / night light and hand soap - Bath and Body works

Q Tip holder (I also put pony tail holders and hair clips in this container) - Target

Self-Adhesive toilet paper holder - Amazon

Shower squeegee - Walmart

Towels and wash rags - Walmart



  1. Command strips are DA BOMB!!! :)
    Now I have to go back and catch up...I didn't realize y'all "upgraded" to a "real camper"!!! :D

  2. This is not that cute, tiny camper that your husband made, is it? That seems pretty roomy for a camper bathroom! So nicely decorated - well done!

  3. Oh my girls would be giddy over that cuteness and want to camp all the time!


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