Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Girls' Weekend

"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it." ~ William Shakespeare

Two of my girls and I were on a camping trip this past weekend.

I soaked up nothing but R&R, and they proved to be their father's daughters with their love of nature and adventure.

We floated on water and took walks in the woods (in our jammies after showers).

We kayaked for hours on the second day.  (We launched the kayaks ourselves, too!)

REI co-op (camping outfitters) recently donated 8 kayaks, (with oars and life jackets) to this particular Texas State Park.  The kayak program was FREE to campers!  

Miss Mabel napped, and I started a new book on my kindle while Miss Ester went fishing off and on.

Miss Mabel discovered a private cove not far from our campground.

So quiet and peaceful!!

We love our Texas State Parks!  (This one was called Lake Ray Roberts Texas State Park.)

We buy the park pass each year and utilize the beauty that this huge state provides.

Sarah was suppose to go on this camping trip with them, but with poor Internet service and taking a summer class, she really couldn't make it and be able to study.  I'm hoping she is able to get away after her class ends the end of June.

Until the next trip...



  1. Patty,
    What a wonderful trip with your beautiful daughters!
    Beautiful photos too!
    I would love to join you...I would be happy to stay at camp and keep an eye on things.
    You know...tidy up and stuff!
    And if you want some more nature...
    Think about a trip up here sometime. : )

  2. That looks like so much fun and memories for a lifetime!

  3. State parks are definitely the way to go! Florida and SC have some beautiful ones, too! Tennessee's aren't bad, but not as good at Fl. & SC!!!

  4. This looks like so much fun. What great memories you make with your kids! You inspire me to greatness in motherhood. Keep on enjoying the camping, state parks and special times with those kiddos.


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