Monday, June 4, 2018

Camper Kitchen Update

So we have this HUGE (for a camper) pantry  in our camper kitchen.

When we took the camper for a "test drive" last month I knew we'd have to adjust the pantry to maximize all that space.

My husband recently installed a roll out (we are the business owners of Kitchens Alive) and whipped up a drawer front because this gal likes things to match ;)

I can have only one drawer in the bottom space because the microwave is in the way, so I picked up a metal shelf to hold my tin foil, baggies, etc.

And since that microwave does hang low, the drawer front could only be so tall.

BTW, that drawer front was the middle panel of an old cabinet door from our kitchen.  He cut it down, sanded the old finish off, and stained it in a matter of 10 minutes!  He's awesome like that! 

David put on a drawer lock to keep it shut when we are rolling down the road.

Organization is key!!

Now for that top space...

That's toaster on the left side of the top space.  I plan to keep our food pantry items up there.

It's really awkward to reach back (the pantry is 2' deep!), so I was thinking about having David build a half shelf on the far side of it, one that runs from front to back??

Or maybe using a wire shelf like this??

He also transferred the this paper towel holder from our tear drop camper to this new camper.  I had him install it under the microwave.

Two of my daughters and I are heading out this weekend to camp.  I'm looking forward to the R&R and figuring out different ways to bring the comfort of home into this living space!

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  1. So your man is awesome!!!
    Good for you and your girls!
    Have a great trip!!!!


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