Thursday, May 3, 2018

Beach/Pool Gear I Love

I recently wrote a post about some new camping gear I tried and really liked.  There were some other items on that trip I tried for the first time that I thought was worth sharing.

*No reimbursements for these reviews.  Just wanted to share the good things I come across.*

Water Shoes ~

You never know when you may make contact with a jelly fish, sting ray, or sharp rock when swimming in the ocean or walking along the beach.  Then there are those beaches that get so incredibly hot, one can blister their feet from the heat.  (Those are the worst!)

I bought these CIOR Fantiny water shoes for Miss Clementine because they were lightweight, super easy to get on (even when wet), the mesh allows for quick drying, they are easy to wash out and off, and they are comfy!  I can't forget the large selection of color choices either.  Win Win!

On day two, she started sporting some irritation on the back side of her heel, (the upper part).  The back of the water shoe rides high.  I slapped a band aid on each to prevent a blister and off she went.

Beach Chair ~

I wanted a new beach chair for my birthday (for the seashore and the gorgeous state park lakes we frequent).

This Rio backpack beach chair came from Academy, but I know you can find them on Amazon as well.  

It's my favorite color, has an attached pillow, reclines in four positions, attached cup holder, lightweight,  and the storage in the back is great for books and magazines, phones or tablets. The padded straps are adjustable and the makes for hands-free carrying if you want.

Do you have any favorite beach/pool gear you like?


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