Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Marian Tea Party & Mary May Baskets

There's a lovely book that made its arrival into our home in Miss Mabel's Easter basket. 

It's filled with precious ideas surrounding tea parties with themes throughout the year.  

Today, using ideas from this book, we celebrated The Blessed Mother by having a tea party.  It was so sweet!

There were four little girls dressed in their Sunday best sitting around my dining room table.

I made sugar cookies the day before.  There was also fresh fruit on the menu.

The little girls were invited to bring flowers for Mary (the centerpiece).  

One mommy potted in the tiniest pots a little flower for each girl to have afterward.  

Then we prayed a decade of the Rosary.

I then brought out the supplies to make Mary May baskets.  These turned out so beautifully!  So precious!

They included a holy card of Mary (with the Hail Mary prayer on the back), two types of silk flowers,  and chocolates.

The girls could hang these on a neighbor's door, give them to a grandmother, or keep them for themselves (which I think they all did the latter ;)

We listened to a play list filled with child-friendly Marian hymns.

It was such a sweet and precious afternoon!  And I get to do it again next week for another group of little girls.  


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