Sunday, April 29, 2018

What's for Sunday Dinner?

It's currently sunny and 82 degrees out.  Just gorgeous!

I sat and watched David plant his garden while the dinner was cooking in the crock pot.  I love crock pot recipes!  Sunday afternoon is for rest and relaxing, and I am all for that.

Today's Sunday dinner consisted of a Greek salad ::

There was Crock Pot Turkey & Stuffing Sandwiches for the main entree ::

And for dessert, Miss Ester and Clementine whipped up some yummy Hello Dolly Bars ::

Easy.  Delicious.  Satisfying. 

As the weather continues to warm and days grow longer (I love this time of year), our Sunday dinner will grow less time-consuming.  The older I age, the more I realize that it is all about collecting memories (and I cannot do that while in the kitchen all day).  Bon Appetit!

Hoping your Sunday is a blessed one!



  1. Perfect, Patty!
    And I too love my crockpot.
    We had a brunch today with my mom and sister, so dinner is still up in the air!
    Maybe we will skip it and get ice cream for dinner!
    Enjoy your beautiful weather down there. : )

  2. I love seeing your Sunday dinners. :o) We used to not do anything intentional for Sundays--and sometimes would purposely do "nothing" (ie leftovers) to get a jump-start on a busy week. Because of your inspiration, over the years we've been better about making "real" Sunday dinners that are also simple. The kids love choosing a dessert to make. This is all on purpose now, because of your good example! :o) Becky in OR


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