Thursday, April 26, 2018

Vitamin Sea - Daybook Post 2018

Outside my (truck) window ~

A couple of weeks ago, David and I took a little road trip with Miss Clementine.  (The older four are all schooling still so they did not go.)

We left early on a Sunday morning and drove down to Padre Beach (the northern tip of Padre Island), just across from Corpus Christi.

David's goal was to fish.  Clementine and I had our own agenda.

I am thankful for (so many things) ~

*  David's successful fishing trip!  Hugely, unnaturally successful.

(David reeled in over 30 fish total - including 10 small sharks, which he released.)

*  Thankful that Miss Clementine had the awesome opportunity to reel in 2 little sharks! Ha ha!

Have I mentioned hugely, unnaturally successful?!

*  Thankful that Clementine wasn't in the water when this black tipped shark was reeled in by some man on the pier.  Yikes!

* Thankful for the location of the fishing pier right on the beach and next to the first camp ground we stayed at.  It was a beautiful place to explore for Clementine and I.

From the school room ~

Art class consisted of drawing whatever her little imagination allowed with these adorable pieces of sidewalk chalk (Target $1 bin), and of course science class was a hands-on experience every day :)

From the kitchen camping grill ~

Oh my gosh!  I just love a campfire meal.  Our breakfasts were so delicious and filling!  For lunch, we ended up dining out around mid-afternoon.

But this!  This is what dinner looked like. :()

What I read before our trip ~

It's such a great book to pick up when you don't have a lot time and/or you need a quick fill on God-filled moments.  All true stories.

What I read during our trip ~

This!!!!!  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  This historical fiction was, well, let's just say I couldn't put it down till I found out what happened to the characters.  Powerful!  Here's a review I found online that accurately sums it up.

"Lisa Wingate takes an almost unthinkable chapter in our nation's history and weaves a tale of enduring power. That Georgia Tann and her Memphis Tennessee Children's Home Society could actually exist, unraveling the lives of countless children, stealing their pasts and changing their futures, will give you chills. But the real feat of this stirring novel is how deeply Wingate plunges us into the heart and mind of twelve-year-old river-gypsy, Rill Foss. Rill's utterly singular voice will stay with you long after the last page is turned, as will Wingate's courage to follow her anywhere... Vivid and affecting." -Paula McLain, New York Times bestselling author of Circling the Sun.

In honor of the feast St. George (April 23)

Around our house campground ~

Day 2 of our trip had us driving further down Padre Island (which is 113 miles long) to the front door of  Padre Island National Seashore.

This national park is the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world!

Beach hair, don't care!

We played while Daddy fished.

Three times David cast his bait net and brought in a bunch of fish!  It was like a Jesus of Nazareth moment! Ha ha!

I am praying for ~

* the chance to head back down there again soon!

* all those who asked us to pray for them.

Coming down the pike this week ~

In five days, I'll be bringing Sarah back for the summer - already!!  Her first year in college has flown by so incredibly fast.

Last Photo (s) to share ~

Day 3 of our trip found us implementing Plan B since the weather turned crazy windy.

We decided to head inland via the ferry and look for dolphins.

*This route took us back up to Port Aransas (where we vacationed for a week last May).  It was so sad to see the devastation left behind from Hurricane Harvey.  The recovery is still going on and will be for a couple of years.*

We decided to camp at one of our favorite state parks near the San Antonio river.  That was a different kind of beach - ha ha!  Swollen and muddy!

We drove into town for ice cream, a historical town where they pave the roads around the ancient Live Oak trees.

My little happy campers!

Day 4 had us packing up and heading for home, swinging by to pick up Sarah (who had a four-day weekend).

I am so grateful for this little camping trip, spending time with David and our "grandchild".  Yes, I was asked if I was the granny - hahaha! 

I love the beach and the ocean, and God's creation never ceases to amaze me.  It is really humbling when you are standing there, looking out at sea and realizing that you are just a grain of sand.  It's a great big world and I am so grateful to see the parts that I have seen.



  1. Oh sweet Patty!
    I have been asked that too!!!!
    For the look nowhere near old enough to be her grandma!
    I adore this time you two spent with your baby.
    What fun!

  2. Loved escaping Kansas for just a bit via your blog post. Looked like a lovely time.


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