Monday, April 30, 2018

My (Early) Mother's Day Gift

I was practical this year.

I asked for my door to be repainted and have a new lock set added.

(My hubby is talented and awesome!)

Before ::

After ::

I am SOOOO happy with how it turned out!

Before ::

Something had started to oxidize on it over the winter.  It was totally in need of a face lift.

The first step was to sand it.

Then David took it down and hung a "temp" up for the day.  (We were home all day, so it was safe.)

He primed it.

Then he painted it with three coats of the main color.  It dried quickly outside (the weather was perfect for this).  He used his fancy sprayer (have no idea what type it is except it's a fancy one).

After ::

I love the new lock set, too!

The inside handle ::

I am just so pleased with the final look!

David and the kids had suggested a navy-ish color, but I didn't want navy.  When I went outside, I saw my throw pillow on the bench and knew right away that was the blue we were looking for.

Color ~ Dark Iris
Paint ~ Valspar Duramax, Exterior Satin, Base 4



  1. *LOVE*'s like your whole porch came alive! What a talented hubby! Happy Mother' Day...early!

  2. Yeah for practical... some of those gifts have been my favorite ever!


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