Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Blessings 2018

And just like that, we celebrate Easter Sunday.  It feels as though we just finished the Christmas season.  Rapidly, the time passes us.  I am sitting here working on this post while the memories of today are still fresh.  My husband is on the road taking Sarah back to school.  Miss Ester is with them (to keep him company on the way back).  In a short 30 days, Sarah takes her first final for the semester.  Have I mentioned how rapidly the time passes us??

Easter blessings to all!  He is risen, alleluia!

Our Holy Week was simple this year.  I love simple.

We did manage to color eggs (and as I type this I realize that we forgot to put them out on the dining room table this morning. Yikes.)

Stan the man had a beach vibe  going on...

(I think he looks so grown up here.)

Clementine and Mabel stuck with the traditional, bright colors...

I also put in some effort to have at least one Easter craft ready to go for Miss Clementine...

I love Pinterest so much!  Anymore, my old brain has a slow leak when it comes to creativity as well as other things. Ha!

We tried to sleep in and have a big breakfast before attending late Mass.  This would give us more time as a family eating together before Sarah heading back to school.  However, there is that Miss Clementine who never sleeps in when you want her to!

Her excitement had her up (a little too early), and she was the first one up to see if the Easter Bunny arrived ;)

Sweet Clementine received a puzzle, bubbles, some swimsuits for her dollies, chocolates, and this Easter book ::

Stan the man received some more Nerf bullets, a peg saint doll (St. Martin de Porres, his choice for  Confirmation saint), chocolates, and this book ::

Miss Mabel's basket contained: chocolates, items from Bath & Body Works, and this book (because she LOVES to cook and bake) ::

Miss Ester received a bag full of new make-up brushes, chocolates, and this book ::

Miss Sarah received some items from Bath & Body Works and chocolates.  The Easter Bunny had a special delivery for her when a pair of new sandals arrived at her dorm last week.

There was no book for her this year because that girl has SO MANY, faith-based books that she really doesn't need any more at this point.

Moving on to breakfast, it was so delicious and easy!!  I really loved how it went this year.  Some times change can be hard, but this change was enjoyed by all.

We feasted on ::

~ baked ham & egg cups
~ cheesy potatoes
~ fruit salad
~ pancakes & fruit
~ coffee, juice, & water

Then it was off to late morning Mass.

Pictures!  You can't forget the photos.  I mean, my family just LOOOVVVEEESSS to sit and smile for the camera.  Not.  Only little Clementine will still poise for me willingly.

If Mama isn't happy, no one is happy!  So pictures it was ;)

And even though I feel old these days, I also feel blessed to have a little one who loves to blow bubbles in her Easter dress.

I'm soaking up the memories and writing them down while they are fresh in my mind because have I mentioned how rapidly the time passes us?

Easter blessings from our family to yours!

~ Patty ~

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